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  • Ruby Amatulla

    The writer is Executive Director of Muslims for Peace, Justice and Progressive.

  • Rohingya crisis and the China factor

    In the ongoing Rohingya crisis, Bangladesh is in a position to play a critical role in the region. Bangladesh has gained worldwide recognition for its receptiveness to the now almost half a million refugees who have poured into the country.
  • Rampal

    The undoing of a World Heritage Site

    Today, facing a governmental decision of enormous national and international consequences, we, on behalf of Women for Good Governance, appeal to the leaders, activists and people of Bangladesh as well as the world, to deter from the dangerous path we are about to embark on that could cause incalculable,
  • Fighting radicalism in the global village

    In Tunisia, it is the on-going dialogue between the Islamists and secularists, and the consequent changes in both that have been influencing the whole nation - that was previously polarised and confrontational - to come together. A constructive engagement between opposite forces empowers the moderates and marginalises the extremes on all sides.
  • Islamists and secularists adjust to work together

    It is encouraging to watch how Rachid Ghannouchi and Nahdha, the largest and most popular Islamic political party in Tunisia which is now widely expected to come to power again in the next election...
  • A way out of extremism

    After the exhaustive de-Baathification process, disbandment of 300,000 Saddam's Sunni army, and imprisonment of many Sunni leaders, the occupying power, mainly the United States of America, flared up hatred and revenge among the Sunni group that governed Iraq since the Ottoman Empire.