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  • Nahela Nowshin

    Journalist at The Daily Star

  • Learning in the mother tongue

    Whenever we talk about the state of education in Bangladesh, the age-old debate about English versus Bangla medium re-emerges with regard to quality of teaching, affordability, imparting knowledge about Bengali culture, etc. But while many of the broader concerns have merit, the less obvious aspects of the current education system that deserve some serious thinking are often overlooked. The importance of the mother tongue in education is one of them.
  • A rude awakening

    Some crimes are so horrific, so brutal, so barbaric in nature that it is impossible for these acts to not make any human being feel outraged and disgusted at the world we live in. Sexual violence against children is one such unforgiveable crime.
  • Paying a high price

    Living costs in Dhaka have soared so high that it's not just low-income groups struggling to make ends meet—the middle class is feeling the squeeze too.
  • Of distractions and political manoeuvres

    For many animal species, diversion is necessary for survival. The killdeer, for example, is famous for putting up quite a show.
  • Choking on Dhaka's air

    Dhaka dwellers don't need official data to tell them just how suffocating and dangerous the air they are breathing in is.