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  • An ode to loss and victory

    Nine months, which undeniably felt much longer than they were, had passed and thousands of lives had been lost. The lionhearted freedom fighters who had been in constant battle for days and nights persevered with every ounce of strength and courage they had left in them. Their resilience and unity had managed to weaken the nerves of the enemy to a significant extent and when the Indian forces joined
  • January-March 1971: The Dawning of a Fearless Fight for Freedom

    In the wake of the year of 1971, a silent uprising was surging in the agitated hearts of thousands of Bangalis residing in what was then East Pakistan. At that time, Dhaka was an indispensable (yet deemed abominable by West Pakistan) part of Pakistan. The epic win in the 1970 elections by the Awami League had ignited emotions of strength and unanimity but peace and independence were yet to be realized.

    Fateh Ali Chowdhury (decorated member of the Crack Platoon, freedom fighter of the 1971 Liberation War and currently working as the Director of Consolidated Services Limited) was a bright young student of the English department of Dhaka University then. “In my youth, I was quite jovial and carefree,” Chowdhury admits. While he was well aware of the tense situation in the East Pakistan region in March then, the thought of an imminent war had not occurred to him yet.
  • Women in art - the muse and the maker

    Too often, women are maligned by endless criticism, spiteful looks and aggressive jabs of a dysfunctional society. At the same time, on multiple occasions, they are revered as goddesses, mother, sister, wife and a friend you can always count on.
  • The Motive Behind Motif

    Motifs —decorative images used to unify an elaborate design or even an idea— have probably existed since the dawn of civilisation. They can be found in people's everyday lives and activities. In fact, if you look closely, you will notice that there are motifs in every object, starting from the basic clovers on your bedroom curtains to the clay planters sold on the roadside. Paisleys, a common and popular form of