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  • Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan

  • Death camps for wildlife

    Juboraj, the 19-year-old ailing lion is awaiting death in a cage at Comilla Zoo. His skeletal body and the rotting wounds on his back are stark signs of the extreme negligence that put him in this fatal state.
  • The promise of municipalities

    Bangladesh's towns and cities are infested with problems resulted from uncontrolled population growth and unplanned infrastructural developments.
  • Alia Madrasa: an education system on its death bed

    Most of these madrasas, including the Government Madrasah-E-Alia, Dhaka have lost their foundational spirit of producing skilled manpower by providing unified education with religious knowledge.
  • The marriage conundrum

    The marriage conundrum

    Shoaib Hossain, a 26-year-old madrasa teacher, was well-thought-of by his neighbours for his honest and polite character. He was also venerated as a young hafiz (a person who has memorised the entire holy Quran) by the inhabitants of Charigram village under Singair upazila of Manikganj district.
  • Living the genocide: in the grip of trauma

    With no psychosocial assistance, Rohingya refugees are vulnerable to life-long PTSD.