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    Mahmood Hasan

    Former Ambassador and Secretary

  • Will the Taj Mahal face the same fate as Babri Mosque?

    An anti-Muslim communal storm kicked off recently in India involving the Taj Mahal. On September 27, while observing World Tourism Day, Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi released a tourist guide, “Uttar Pradesh Tourism—Limitless Possibilities”, which conspicuously omitted the Taj Mahal.
  • Will the “Myanmar democracy” survive the Rohingya crisis?

    The paranoid junta does not want to see Suu Kyi succeed in establishing peace or democracy. Perception of threat to national security is the raison d'être of the military.
  • No change in policies

    To many, the CPC Congress is an enigma, while others have projected distorted pictures of China's political system. Some have described the leadership reshuffle as a Game of Thrones plot.
  • Catalonia's bid for independence - Doomed to failure?

    Europe's woes do not seem to end. Over the past several weeks, the news about Catalonia's independence referendum has severely shaken Europe. This time it was Spain facing secession of Catalonia—one of its wealthiest regions.
  • Can Rohingyas return to their homeland?

    At the briefing, Secretary General Guterres said that “the situation has spiralled into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency, a humanitarian and human rights nightmare…We have received bone-chilling accounts from those who fled.”