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  • Comically Drawn-inspiring to be inspired

    And let's not forget the merchandise, from posters to figures to custom art; nothing is too big or too small for the crowds of fans! Social media has made it easier to connect and showcase an individual's work, and Comically Drawn- a venture from Puja Sarkar, is already making the rounds in this virtual gallery. For its beginnings, Sarkar's own words are the best to relate, “It just happened.”
  • Amar Ekushey Boi Mela 2018

    Back to the books

    The Boi Mela, the congregation of book lovers through the decades in an undeniable landmark in Dhaka's urban scenario.
  • Latest dress collection

    Reclaiming the joy of childhood

    Children in Bangladesh are now the sufferers of a new type of crisis- a childhood without outdoor activities and the simple joys it held. While this is mostly a concern attributed to the urban residents, in general it is reaching every corner of the country.
  • Thinking back on black and white- the masters of monochrome

    In our modern lives the maximum impact of black and white often comes in the form of Instagram filters, and that too only when the mood to strike a chord or pose grips us, for some reason or another.
  • Warnings from your skin

    You hydrate your skin regularly, apply the top shelf foundation and never forget to use the right serum. But how closely are you listening to your skin? As the largest sensory organ on the human body, our skin can give early warnings of an impending internal ailment. Then again not every scratch or bump is a reason to run to the dermatologist! You can start with looking out for and taking care of the basic signs first.