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  • Perfumes for your wedding

    Wedding photos and videos and endless social network streams may have become the de facto method of keeping memories, but to remember the occasion in a unique manner, why not go for a perfume? Olfactory memory is a key
  • Halloween party

    The origin of Halloween

    The candy laden and costume parading Halloween of popular culture owes its beginnings to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.
  • Horror movies through the ages

    The ultimate visual canvas is the silver screen. It should be of no surprise that the history of evolution of the horror genre on the big screen needs a course of its own! From black-and-white caped vampires (and their glamourous continuations in the later years) to chainsaw wielding maniacs to psychotic serial killers, fear now comes in every possible permutation and there is still more to come.
  • Banana-01


    The humble banana — widely available and the superfood of choice of all health-conscious people. Have it for breakfast and get an instant energy kickstart for the day!
  • Kitchen tiles

    Long gone are the times when tiles were merely utilitarian elements. No modern house is complete without incorporating easy to clean