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  • Ashutosh Sarkar

  • high court

    Legality of Article 70: HC delivers split order

    The High Court yesterday gave a split order on the legality of article 70 of the constitution, which deals with the cancellation of membership of MPs for voting against their political party.
  • Bangladesh Supreme Court

    56 days without chief justice

    In an unprecedented instance, the office of the chief justice has remained vacant for 56 days. In the past, the longest period the post lay vacant was less than two weeks, that too under extraordinary circumstances.
  • Supreme Court Day

    SC authority over lower courts intact

    The Supreme Court yesterday accepted the disciplinary rules formulated by the government for the lower court judges.
  • High Court

    Final say stays with president

    The law ministry has finally issued a gazette notification on the discipline of the lower court judges, keeping the president's authority to control their conducts in consultation with the Supreme Court.
  • Bangladesh High Court

    Lower Court: Govt finalises disciplinary rules for judges

    The law ministry has finalised the disciplinary rules for lower court judges in line with article 116 of the constitution, which allows the president to control their postings, promotions and leaves in consultation with the Supreme Court.