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Adorn's focus on a varied genre of books

Adorn's focus on a varied genre of books

Staff Correspondent
Adorn Publication

Adorn Publication is offering 67 new publications at the ongoing Ekushey Boi Mela. It publishes educational, academic and scholarly books -- both in English and Bangla. The publishing house has published books by many writers, poets, researchers over the decades. They have published essays, memoirs, poetry, novels and research works on political history, economics, environment, agriculture, gender issues, Language Movement, Liberation War and more. This year, Mahfuzur Rahman has received Bangla Academy Award for his autobiography book “From Naogaon to New York”, published by Adorn.
Syed Zakir Hossain, publisher and chief executive officer of Adorn Publication, said, “I'm always eager to take part in the Ekushey book fair. For the last 16 years, we have been taking part in this major event. As a nation, we are highly emotional about the fair but we could not garner a sufficient readership. To create a healthy reading environment, publishers, writers and policymakers should work together. My main concerns are the quality of the books, their images, illustrations and quality of editing. Unedited books are available at the fair. Badly edited works are likely to mar the reputation of the publishing house. Both publishers and writers should be more professional and careful about their works. I also feel that we need better translators. We need to establish an institution that can provide efficient editors and publishers.”
The house regards editing to be crucial. “We have a skilled editorial board, which comprises noted academics, scholars and writers. Before publishing a book, we send the documents or manuscripts to the editorial board for close reviews.
“It is a good decision to hold the fair at Suhrawardy Udyan. But many writers and visitors criticised some flaws that exist in the new arrangements. The event management is very poor,” he said.   
Some notable publications are Shamsad Mortuza's “I Spy”, Shaolee Mahboob's “Western Theories in Eastern Eyes”, “Essays on Gender and Feminism”; Anwar Dil and Afia Dil's “Women's Changing Position in Bangladesh”; Rabindranath Tagore's “Gitanjali” (introduction by Professor Anisuzzaman);  Joynal Hossain's “Prangoney More, Toka Dairy-r Patha Theke”; Rathindranath Thakur's “Amar Baba Rabindranath”; Selina Hossain's “Between Two Worlds”; Anika Aditi's “Something That You Forget”; Mahboob Sadiq's “The Sweep of War”; Siraz Uddin Sathi's “Koran-er Kotha O Kahini”; Mohammad Maruf Khan's “The Mother Tree”; Afia Dil's “Bengali Language and Culture”; Mahmud ur Rahman Choudhury's “From Language to Civilization”; Anu Mahmud's “Good Governance and E-Governance: Combat Corruption in Bangladesh”; Hasnat Abdul Hai's “Italia” and Bulbul Sarwar's “Istanbul”.
The publication has brought out several works by veteran writers and academics -- Abu Rushd, Dr. Anisuzzaman, Professor Kabir Chowdhury, Anisur Rahman, Mahfuzur Rahman, Hasnat Abdul Hai, Justice Golam Rabbani, Rashed Khan Menon, Shamsur Rahman, Syed Shamsul Haq, Dr. Abdul Matin, Biprodas Barua, Abul Kasem Fazlul Haq, Dewan Shamsul Arefin and Urmi Rahman, among others.


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