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A visionary storyteller

A visionary storyteller

Tanvir Mokammel presents keynote speech on Alamgir Kabir
Staff Correspondent
Alamgir Kabir, Tanvir Mokammel

Observing the 25th death anniversary of renowned filmmaker Alamgir Kabir, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Alamgir Kabir Film Centre, Federation of Film Societies of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Short Film Forum and Bangladesh Documentary Council jointly organised a three-day programme at the National Art Plaza Auditorium of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.
The second day (January 21) of the programme featured a keynote speech titled “Alamgir Kabir: Bioscope er Deshe Ek Swapnadrashta Cholochcchitrakar” at the same venue.
 In memory of Kabir, noted filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel spoke on the occasion. He highlighted the illustrious life of Kabir and his immense contributions to Bangladeshi films. The filmmaker also outlined Kabir's strong political conscience that drastically motivated his spirit of liberation and he brilliantly rendered that spirit into the visual language of film.
“Though the subject matter and backdrop of Alamgir Kabir's six feature films and a dozen short films depict diversity, there is a common criterion of all his films; Alamgir Kabir was an Auteur filmmaker. He was not only a director but also a script and dialogue writer and cinematographer,” said Tanvir Mokammel.
“Alamgir Kabir was a technically sound cinematographer. He immensely contributed to Zahir Raihan's making of masterpieces including “Stop Genocide” during the War of Liberation. No one can wholly understand the relevance and reality of Liberation War without knowing the days of turmoil of the 60s. Alamgir Kabir superbly played his part both as a filmmaker and as a fighter like other dedicated sons of this soil in freeing the motherland,” added Tanvir Mokammel.
Later, two films “Liberation Fighters” and “Suryakanya”, directed by Alamgir Kabir, were screed at the event.
Film connoisseur Mahmudul Hassan Dulal also delivered a keynote speech titled “Samaj O Cholochchitra: Alamgir Kabir Samakalin Prasangikata” on the closing day (January 22). Later, Alamgir Kabir's two films – “Ek Sagor Rokter Binimoy-e” and “Shimana Periye” were screened at the venue.


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