12:01 AM, February 12, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:01 AM, February 12, 2014

103 killed in Algeria

103 killed in Algeria

BBC Online

An Algerian military transport plane crashed yesterday in the north-east of the country, killing 103 passengers and crew, Algerian media said.
The plane - believed to be a Hercules C-130 - crashed in a mountainous area of Oum al-Bouaghi province.
It was en route to Constantine from Ouargla in bad weather, an "informed source" told radio station Ennahar.
There are reports that the plane was carrying military personnel and family members.
Ennahar's source said contact was lost with the military plane between Constantine and Oum al-Bouaghi.
The source suggested bad weather conditions could have played a role in the crash.
The plane was carrying 99 passengers - soldiers and their families - as well as four crew members, a security source told AFP news agency.
"There were no survivors," the source added.
There has been no official confirmation from the army as yet.
Ennahar reports that ambulances have been dispatched to the crash zone, which is some 380km east of Algiers.


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