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     Volume 9 Issue 46| December 03, 2010 |

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"It is not the BNP's culture, but that of Awami League. They have done similar things before but BNP is not involved with these.”
joint secretary general of BNP
about several incidents of arson across the capital carried out during the 12 hour hartal on November 30,2010.

"We did not expect anything else from him [Azad], as he is a 'nominated president' of FBCCI. He is criticising hartal as his factory will be shut on hartal day, but he does not think about workers.”
BNP Secretary General
about AK Azad's, the president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), stance against the November 30 hartal called by BNP.

"We have obviously sought stay from this court (SC) on the High Court verdict. Is it a joke? You have not stayed the High Court ruling. We have not got justice. Allah will try this.”
Khaleda Zia's counsels
about Supreme Court's action of not passing a stay order on the HC verdict on November 10 when a petition for stay was pending along with the leave to appeal petition regarding the proceedings on Khaleda Zia's cantonment house.

"Our stupid (sic) British and American governments which plan at best for ten years whereas people in this part of the world plan for centuries.”
second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II
about the difficulty faced by British businessmen to negotiate business deals in Central Asia without bribes, because of anti-corruption drives by British government and press.

"When the head is rotten it affects the whole body.”
Saudi King
about Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, who he considers as the greatest obstacle to progress in Pakistan.



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