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     Volume 7 Issue 34 | August 22, 2008 |

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"After viewing the situation and consulting legal advisers and political allies, with their advice I have decided to resign…I leave my future in the hands of the people."
former president of Pakistan
in a speech to the nation.

"The RPO will be finalised in a day or two, and soon after that, we will start registration of the political parties."
Chief Election Commissioner
RPO stands for Representation of People Order.

“Moreover, many candidates gave false or incomplete information in their affidavits. But the EC has not taken any punitive measures against them.”
of Shushashoner Janney Nagorik (Shujan)
He has said, "But, we must not be frustrated. For the first time, it has been made mandatory that the candidates will provide their personal information in affidavits.”

"We'll be able to hand over power to an elected government through elections to be held in December if we get your overall cooperation."
chief adviser.
He has also said, "It's everyone's responsibility to create an atmosphere conduce to holding free and fair elections.”

"If we can get any information in advance, we will be able to take preventive measures before the small incident escalates into something big."
Dhaka Metropolitan Police
stating the objective of newly-found Political Intelligence Office (PIO).

"Whatever the stakeholders say the BTRC will make a policy in a way so that internet users can benefit to the maximum."
chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).
The BTRC plans to regularise about 500 illegal Internet Service Providers.

"This may help explain why children in numerate cultures with developmental dyscalculia find it so difficult to learn arithmetic."
professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London
which has found out, according to the BBC, that “Humans have an in-built ability to do mathematics even if they do not have the language to express it.” Butterworth says, “We're born with the ability to see the world numerically just as we're born to see the world in colour."

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