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     Volume 7 Issue 34 | August 22, 2008 |

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Star Diary

Ideal Advice
Just a few days ago, as I was returning from my school to my house by bus, I came across a Japanese gentleman. He took a seat beside a young man occupying the window seat who was holding a few bananas. A while later, the young man peeled one of the bananas and threw it on the roadside through the open window. To add to everything, he was also spitting outside frequently. The Japanese man, sitting beside him, got annoyed and interrupted him saying that he should try to keep his country clean and stop this untidy behaviour. The young man grew silent. I could not stop thinking about how we are taught these manners since we are children but we don't follow these from within. Perhaps, the love for our country has to be stronger. But this has to be stopped as it can destroy us as a people and also the image of our country.
European Standard School

A Serious Mistake
Afew days ago, a few of us were chatting in front of a super store in our area, when Zahed Bhai, my elder brother's friend joined us. He was very excited because he had just managed to get his voter ID card after a lot of hassle. I told him, however, to check his ID card because there were several mistakes on the ID cards of my family members. After checking the cards, Zahed Bhai let out a blood-curdling scream, "What made them think I am a woman?" I looked at the card and saw that his name was written as “Mrs. Zahedul Islam” instead of “Mr. Zahedul Islam”. I could not help laughing. However, the government should have paid more attention in creating the voter ID cards as they are very important documents.
Shahriar Kabir Rana
International Islamic University Chittgong (IIUC)
Department of Business Administration

The Rickshaw Puller
I heard this pathetic real life experience from one of my best friends, Mamun. A few days ago he took a rickshaw to go to Motijheel. After a while, he requested the rickshaw puller to wait for a while, as he wanted to go to a DVD shop to rent some DVDs. However my friend returned earlier than expected. After leaving the DVD shop he found the rickshaw puller eating a small piece of bread. Seeing my friend, the rickshaw puller got frightened and quickly put the bread aside. My friend told him it was all right and he could finish his food. All of a sudden, the rickashaw puller began to cry! My friend could not understand why he was crying. In reply the rickshaw puller told him that a few days ago, he was hungry and requested a passenger to wait for few minutes while he finished his lunch. The passenger in turn slapped him and said that he could not wait for the rickshaw puller to finish his lunch. After listening this pathetic story, I wondered why we refer to ourselves as being civilised.
Mushfique Wadud
Department of English
Stamford University Bangladesh

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