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     Volume 5 Issue 91 | April 21, 2006 |

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Little Bangladesh
A new portal into Bangladesh

Little Bangladesh.com is the new kid on the block with a new concept and a big vision. Its mission is to serve Bangladeshi and Bengalis all around the world. They do so by providing the visitors of its web page with news update links from 28 of the local new dailies. One can also chat, make relationship hotlines, use deshi Blogs, etc. One can also get in touch with the entertainment scene, education, health, immigration information, travel news, job news and much more. LittleBangladesh.com will also provide real time information on various issues that the community is facing. Their work continues as new ideas and new services will be merged. They welcome new people to join on what's hip and what's happening, in and around Bangladesh.

Headsets for Women
I'm still confused by Sony's claim that the Bravia is the first TV for men and women, but when BluePearls says its headsets are exclusively for women, we get it. Pretty colours are for girls. Weighing just 7.9 grams, BluePearls Bluetooth headsets come with seven interchangeable faceplates to match your outfits (provided you have lots of loud animal prints in your wardrobe). Batteries last up to 18 hours with a 2-hour charging time.

Weirdest USB Gadgets
The plethora of USB ports now offered by today's PCs has spawned an abundance of ridiculous devices. A small culture of collectors has even emerged around odd USB gadgets, and chances are one of them works in your office, displaying his collection of eyesores proudly on his desk. In case you're lucky enough to have avoided seeing these in person, here are some of the weirdest examples I've found.

Pet Tags
Basically just a flash drive with some simple software, this device collects your pet's info in a form that can easily be read by any tech savvy kidnapper or rescuer. Top Tag Pet ID protects your pet more than any other pet tag by providing complete care information to friends, vets, kennels, pet sitters and rescuers who may be responsible for your pet's welfare and special needs. With Top Tag you can easily write, organise, store and retrieve ALL of your pet's important care information. And it only takes seconds to access Top Tag information on millions of Windows® desktop or laptop computers.

Sushi Storage
These decorative flash drives are a crude attempt to satisfy consumers' insatiable appetite for storage. Never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive--thanks to the USB sushi drive. These USB drives are hand-made-in-Tokyo sushi replicas. The convincing USB sushi drive comes in several flavours. Overnight shipping with dry ice pack available. Comes in 32mb or 128mb size.

Electric Blanket
For those who already think of their computer as a surrogate care giver, your PC can now tuck you in at night.

Auto focusing eyeglasses under development
University of Arizona and Georgia Institute of Technology scientists have created liquid crystal diffractive eyeglass lenses that can alter focusing power. The researchers say such eyeglasses would be beneficial for anyone with imperfect vision, since the development opens the way for next-generation smart eyeglasses -- glasses with built-in automatic focus. The researchers say that means within the foreseeable future, patients won't have to obtain a new pair of glasses whenever a prescription changes but the ophthalmologist or optometrist will input a new prescription into the glasses the patient already owns. Right now, in our prototype, you switch the lenses on or off to change focus, said Nasser Peyghambarian, chairman of photonics and lasers in Arizona's College of Optical Sciences and professor of optical sciences, materials science and engineering. But ultimately this will act just like your automatic camera: Eyeglass lenses will know where to focus just like your auto-focusing camera does.

Smell the scene while you enjoy the movie!
In a bid to make the whole movie going experience more realistic a Japanese company has devised a fragrance emitting machine that will evoke viewers olfactory senses, in sync with the scenes. The screenings of Hollywood actor Colin Farrell's latest film will be accompanied by a series of smells at a cinema in Japan. Seven fragrances will waft from machines under back row seats during historical adventure The New World. A floral smell will accompany love scenes, with a mixture of peppermint and rosemary for tear-jerking moments. Cinemas across the country will be able to download programmes to control various sequences of fragrances for other upcoming films. The home version of the equipment costing 510 pounds was designed to provide aromatherapy during work or horoscope readings. The machines have to be topped up with fragrant liquids, which create the scents.


Compiled by IMRAN H. KHAN


Source: Xinhua, Wired and Webindia123


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