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     Volume 4 Issue 46 | May 13, 2005 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am 22 and studying English at a private university. I had an extremely close relationship with my best friend "T". We met at university. We shared each other's deepest secrets and were known for our closeness. Without any apparent reason, she started avoiding me and now our friendship had become a little shaky. She is a totally different person and not the girl who was my best friend all these years. I tried to make her understand my feelings through SMS on her cell but she didn't respond. I want to get those days back. I really miss her. What should I do?
Broken "M"

Dear Broken,
Please do not get so broken-hearted. Friendships go through phases and this is just one of them. Try to get to the bottom of this change of attitude of your friend. She might be upset with you for something and you are not aware of it. On the other hand, something else might be troubling her and she is taking it out on you. If you are such a good friend then you will have to be patient. I am sure she will come back to the old friendship soon.

Dear Mita,
I am a second year English student of Rajshahi University. At present I am living with my grandmother. My parents live in a village and our financial situation is not good. After passing my SSCs from my village high school, I have been living with my grandmother and bearing my own educational expenses by tutoring students. But what I earn is not enough for me, and sometimes, I even have to help out my grandmother who is also poor. My parents also often ask me for money. I try to help them the best I can, but they keep pressurising me. Studying English is also very expensive. Please advise me as to how I, along with my parents and grandmother, can manage.

Dear NA,
There is no simple solution to your problem. These are very difficult times and the entire family has to be patient and cooperate till you overcome this crisis period. You need to work as hard as possible and at the same time think about your job options in future. Your family must also stop putting so much pressure on you and, no matter how hard it is for them, allow you to continue and complete your education.

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