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     Volume 4 Issue 46 | May 13, 2005 |

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1. The world wide web
2. What makes up the WWW?
3. Message Boards
4. What's the internet for?
5. What's on WWW for you?
6. Instant messaging.
7. Getting on the internet
8. Chat.
9. E mail

Paragraph A
The most popular uses of the internet are e-mail, the world wide web, chat and message boards.

Paragraph B
E-mail allows you to send electronic messages that arrive across the world in a matter of minutes. The first e-mail was sent in 1971 between two computers sitting right next to each other. Nowadays millions of people have e-mail addresses which you can recognise by the @ symbol that sits in the middle of them. The great thing about e-mail is that you don't have to pay for each e-mail like you do with each stamp on a letter you post, or with each text message you send. Another advantage is that it's quick. If you send an e-mail right now, it can reach someone on the other side of the world in seconds.

Paragraph C
The world wide web lets you browse pages with text, pictures, sound and video all across the net. Before the world wide web, using the internet was something only very technically minded people did. Because the internet was based on a text-based code, you couldn't see or click on words or pictures. Needless to say, it wasn't very user-friendly. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web.

Paragraph D
The web is made up of millions of pages with text images, audio and video. The world wide web allows you to easily jump from one page to another by clicking on links with your mouse.

A collection of web pages on a computer is called a website. There are many special websites called search engines that help you find the websites or web pages you need. They are like telephone directories or libraries that list relevant pages under key reference words.

Paragraph E
The web is a great source of up-to-date news and information. You can find exactly the news you want and it will be available exactly when you want it. No more waiting for the next news bulletin on TV. The web is also a great source of educational and entertaining material. There are websites out there for kids and adults about everything from history to sport. The web also brings the shop front to your monitor. You can use all kinds of web pages to find, choose, and purchase products and services from flowers and books to groceries and gifts. Multimedia is also very big on the web, with audio players, video players and interactive programs letting you play games, listen to music and watch video - all via the world wide web.

Paragraph F
Message boards provide you with space to post and reply to notes and messages that the whole world can see. Message boards are a great place to post questions, comments or notices for everyone to see, and you don't need any special technical skills to use them. People will often go to message boards with questions so that other message board users can reply with an answer. If you happen to be on a message board, maybe you'll be able to reply.

Paragraph G
Chat programs allow you and your friends to communicate by instantly viewing what each other types onto the screen from different computers. The difference between chat and message boards is that chat is live. With chat you type a message and then when you press enter, everyone you are chatting with can see it straight away. To see the chat, everyone needs to be in the same online chat room. A chat room is a website that hosts chat conversations rather than a real life room that you have to go into to speak to other people. However, if you aren't logged into the same room as your friends, then you can't chat to them.

Paragraph H
Much like chat rooms, you can also use instant messaging programs to chat. These are small programs that sit on your computer and act like personal chat rooms that let you know when your friends go online. You chat to them by typing when they're online at the same time as you. Instant messaging programs even allow you to hear audio and see video of your friends as you chat.

Paragraph I
The most obvious things you need to go online are a computer, a modem and a phone line.

A modem is a special piece of hardware which plugs into the phone line and allows your computer to talk to other computers. Your modem allows your computer to connect to an ISP - the company which connects you to the internet. There are thousands of ISPs to choose from.

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