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     Volume 4 Issue 32 | February 4, 2005 |

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More Q & A

1. How many tentacles does a Squid have ?
2. What group were George Harrison , Paul Mcartney , and John Lennon in together as well as the Beatles?
3. Which are the world's 3 most spoken Languages?
4. What year did the Vietnam war end ?
5. What year did the Berlin Wall come down ?
6. What is the Chemical Symbol for Iron?
7. How many sides does a Heptagon have ?
8. What year was the Skateboard invented ?
9. Where is the World's Largest Aquarium ?
10. What was Ghana called before 1957 ?
11. What country has not fought in a war since 1815 ?
12. Which is the only city in the world to lie in two continents ?
13. How many years was Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister for ?
14. Name four sources of renewable energy.
15. What is the highest Mountain in Africa ?
16. Which Planet did Superman come from ?
17. Who commanded the Nautilus in Jules Verne's Classic ?
18. What is the largest man- made structure on Earth ?
19. Who is a one eyed Giant in Greek Mythology ?
20. What is the fastest animal on earth ?
21. What percentage of 18 Carat Yellow gold is Silver ?
22. What is the Larynx used for in the human body ?
23. What is the Star of India ?
24. What is the most common non-contagious disease in the world ?
25. What drug did Sherlock Holmes take ?
26. What was Fred Flintstones Best friend called ?
27. What was the last album the Beatles recorded together ?
28. What does a notaphile collect ?
29. What is the only mammal without wings that can't fly but does fly ?
03. Which planet has rings round it ?
31. What is the third part in JRR Tolkin's Lord of the Rings Trilogy ?
32. What is the world's largest mammal ?
33. What is the Capital of Venezuela ?
34. What is the currency in Chili ?
35. What countries does Luxembourg have borders with ?


Source: www.ukwebstart.com


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