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     Volume 4 Issue 32 | February 4, 2005 |

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Slice of Life

And I Would Do Anything for Love

Richa Jha

Dear Hubby,
I have been thinking about what you told me last night. You said your love for me knows no limits, and that you'll do anything for me. The earnestness with which you looked into my eyes and spoke melted my being, and had it not been for the hilarious sitcom playing in the background, I would not have been able to prevent my tears. Your words moved me. I sat up all night replaying that conversation in my mind, and here I put down what I have to say. This letter is my way of reassuring you that I reciprocate my devotion with similar sentiments and commitment, and that I too would do anything in the name of love. Just that there are a few small things I will not be able to, for purely practical reasons.

*While you may be willing to jump off the cliff with me, rest assured I would never throw you into such a predicament. Having said that, please note that converse will not be possible. I am scared of heights (you know it), and God forbid if such a situation came up, you may have to take the plunge all by yourself. I hate that sensation of a free fall. Besides, we'll need someone to look after our children after you've gone.

*You said you will happily drink even poison if I prepared it for you. I am touched, but I'm afraid it still doesn't mean that tonight's dinner will be cooked by me. On the other hand, if you were to suggest such a thing to me, I'd feel you're being unduly harsh on yourself. Think of your life without me. And so, in your interest and keeping the larger scheme of things in mind, I don't think I would agree to swallow that poison, even if you promised you'd make sure I wouldn't die from it. One can't take chances with anything these days.

*I think you must stop dreaming of the day when we sit discussing literature with each other. No, I can't get around to reading Umberto Eco and James Joyce in the name of love. I am happy with my film magazines.

*I know how much you like long lovely tresses. Don't flinch, I've seen you mesmerised by the neighbour's hair, and between us, we know you've expressed yourself quite plainly that you would rather I'd grow my hair longer. But dear, since you love me so much, you'll have to excuse me here. I like my hair cropped and hassle-free at all times. Long hair irritates me, maintaining it gives me the jitters, spoils my mood. Eventually you would have to bear the brunt of it (you know how I bite when I am peeved). We are saving up on our shampoo, conditioner, and parlour expenses. That should make you happy.

*Ditto for your growing concerns over the extra tiers that may have started showing up lately on me. You have pointed them out to me on several occasions, while in the same breath talking of the hundreds of fitness centres in the area. I also remember the great fondness with which you speak of the enduring love between your friend and his wife who used to sweat at the gyms for a couple of hours everyday only for him. Good for them, but I personally don't believe in such kitschy conditional love, and after last night's conversation, am sure you don't either. I am convinced that having cleared your thoughts in your mind yesterday, you will stop nagging me for it henceforth. Love is understanding, right?

*No matter how much you coax me, I have no inclination to learn to play Golf. The other day you said, clearly distressed when I expressed my personal views on this sport, that people are willing to kill for love, and I am not ready to walk those eighteen holes with you? Hubby dear, I will kill others for love, not myself.

*When you get back from work, and find me on the phone with one of my friends, don't expect me to cut short my conversation right there. It takes about five minutes to wind up any chat. Just enough time for you to freshen up. And in case it is a TV serial you walk in to, the wait could be a little longer. Health specialists prescribe a hot shower at the end of a busy day. Try it.

*I am not a morning person, so stop dreaming up that dawn when you and I will sit sipping tea on our balcony watching the rest of the world wake up to a fresh day.

*It is unfair to expect me to smile on days when I don't want to. And contrary to what you seemingly apprehend when we fight (that the foundation of our relationship gets threatened), occasional fights play a more cathartic role for my over-all wellbeing. Please don't take them personally.

Looking back at the years we have spent with each other, I think in sum and balance, we've had a most fulfilling life together. You mentioned that you love me so much that you know every single thought that's running through my mind. Scary as the very possibility seems, I must say I am flattered. Unfortunately, I can't make similar claims for myself because my intuitive faculties have always been weak. As if getting to know my own mind wasn't complex enough.

These are the most heartfelt outpourings. I love you more than can be described through mere words. I remain, yours forever with all my love, and will most willingly do anything for you. Well, almost everything.

Your doting life mate,



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