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     Volume 4 Issue 21 | November 12, 2004 |

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Good Cover
I was very interested to read the cover story of SWM's November 5th issue. Although I was aware that this kind of thing went on in Bangladesh I am appalled at what extent the food we are eating is adulterated and impure. It is a shame that people have to resort to tactics this low -- and that too at the cost of other peoples' health! It is disgusting when I consider what I have been eating and what chemicals and other random inedible materials I have been unknowingly putting into my system. What I find even more disturbing is that there is nothing we can do about this because we have already consumed a large amount of unhealthy adulterated foods. I think SWM for their in-depth research and publication on this particular topic as it is important for us to take action now and know which foods to avoid. The article was extremely well-researched and well-written and I am very grateful to writers Aasha Mehreen Amin, Avik Sanwar Rahman, Shamim Ahsan and Imran H. Khan for their hard work and their dedication to let their readers know the truth.
A Reader
On Email

A Good Cover Issue
The cover story on the October 29 issue about "Prices Going Haywire" was an excellent endeavour to describe the negative side of the Ramadan season. I am especially glad that SWM also focused on kachabazar (kitchen market). A special thank you goes to Shamim Ahsasn for his vivid descriptions of essential commodities' higher prices. Although the concerned ministry does not know how to keep control of the price of essential commodities in Ramadan, the writer has made an effort to try and find out a probable cause and solution of the price soar. There are actually mainly three reasons behind the price hike of essential commodities in the market. The first problem is that the government does not attempt to nor do they know how to keep the prices under control. Secondly, many whole sellers and retailers are not only unscrupulous but also greedy. They hoard consumer goods aiming to make unfair profits. Thirdly, we (the general people) are not well aware or conscious of the spiritual value of Ramadan. Every year, from the very first of Ramadan we go to the market, buy products and try to stock up for the rest of the month. Excessive pressure goes to the consumer market, resulting in prices continuing to soar. So, we should all be careful and be concerned enough to keep the price within our buying capacity. Thank you SWM for being such a great publication and publishing such a relevant and timely article.
Mominul Hasan Rintu
Asian University of Bangladesh

Insult to the Nation
If someone tells you that "a girl who has been raped is responsible to a great extent. No one can touch her without her will," what would your reaction be? Nothing could be more shocking and insulting for a girl. When we, the female students of the English Department of City College had to hear this from one of our professors, we had to remain silent. Women of all ages and from all countries are the most likely victims of crimes such as this. Although there are many laws being implemented to protect and preserve women's rights, it is indicative of the kind of society we live in when a teacher makes such a comment. Comments such as this gives men more reason to violate laws against women and think that they can get away with it. So I feel that before teaching students, teachers should be careful. If you cannot respect others you cannot be respected.
An Insulted Student
Dhaka City College

Paralysis of the Mind
Hana Shams Ahmed's article 'Paralysis of the Mind' on the November 5 issue of SWM was very interesting and I fully agree with her. Life is not a bed of roses. In order to attain something of any value and worth, human beings must work hard. Things that are achieved after going through many ordeals seem to be of more worth. The writer was absolutely correct in implying that this "paralysis of the mind" is more undesirable than any paralysis of the body. After all, to get the crown of success in life all a man needs are a strong mind and sheer determination. We should keep in mind that a hard-fought win is more enjoyable. Thanks Ahmed for the great write-up.
Wajahat Anwar
On Email

Think It Over!!
It is really good news that SWM is running a new section called "On Campus". Through this we will be able to keep track of various events, news and happenings in university areas. But as a college-going student, I am really frustrated because this section is only for the University going-students. College-going students may also have stories, events and news to share with SWM and its readers. They should also be able to play a role in this On Campus section. I would like to request SWM's editor to please rethink this matter and allow college-going students to participate.
Shantanu Saha Aubrata
Mulatol Rangpur

Good Direction
The weekend magazine has always managed to hold my interest each Friday providing refreshing points of view and always something new. Many times the stories are based on current issues which makes the magazine more newsy. I think this is a good direction for a weekend magazine. I think it is time for the magazine to do a story on the unbearable traffic situation in Dhaka and how it can be solved. Please do consider this as it is getting worse every day.

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