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December 12, 2003

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“They attack us when they can.”

George W Bush after the Istanbul blast

“The violence in Assam is a part of a big game played by Bangladesh and Pakistan.” Indian North-East Affairs Minister CP Thakur is quoted to have said by the Press Trust of India report.

“ It is totally baseless, unfounded and motivated. I hope the Indian leaders will refrain from making irresponsible and biased statements that will only create misunderstandings between two countries.” A Foreign Ministry spokesperson, on Thakur's comment.

“We are neither involved in politics or craving for any worldly gains. Then why are we being targeted?” Abdul Awwal, a spokesman for the Ahmadias after religious extremists attacked an Ahmadia Mosque in Nakhalpara.

“In my view, people at age 17 are not children.” Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman, while commenting on the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics' child labour survey.

“The country is in a crisis because of crime, corruption and price spiral of essentials and the government has failed to deal with these issues.” Badruddoza Chowdhury, in an interview with The Daily Star.

“His remarks against the BNP are nothing but a manifestation of heartburn for losing power.” BNP Secretary General Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, to the journalists at an iftar party.

“My husband was not released earlier although we paid Tk 25 lakh through the police. We are doubtful whether the letter came from the abductors.” Wife of the abducted BNP leader Jamal Uddin Ahmed, after receiving a letter from the abductors demanding fresh ransom.

“He used to stay where the servants slept. How can a person who does not have any affection for her husband, have affection for people?” BNP legislator Shahidul Islam, on the alleged mistreatment Dr Wajid Mia received from his wife and leader of the opposition Sheikh Hasina.

“Now the US-backed system is two years old. Where is the democracy, freedom, human rights and reconstruction?” Taliban spokesman Hamid Agha quoted the Taliban supremo Mullah Omar as saying in a message delivered to some Pakistani newspapers.

“My present form of fitness suggests I could play on. However, all good things must come to an end and believe Sydney is a project place to finish.” Stave Waugh, announcing his plan for retirement.

“You cannot go around sodomising people.” Mahathir Mohammad, referring to one of the charges against his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim.

Compiled by: AHMEDE HUSSAIN. Quotes can be sent to <[email protected]>

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