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December 12, 2003

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Exaggerated Feminism

It was like any other day as I boarded a BRTC bus on my way home. The two rows in front of the bus are usually kept vacant for ladies. Unfortunately, two men were seated there that day. Most of the other seats in front of the bus were occupied. There were some vacant seats in the rear of the bus. Suddenly, a young lady who was standing in the bus like many others (I was standing as well) remarked, “You two men have broken the law. Don't you see your bons (sisters) standing? You should go to the back seats!” She went on and on with her demands and rights and the two gentlemen, whose feelings were surely hurt, went back leaving the ladies seats vacant for the woman. Meanwhile, an elderly person told the lady, “Why don't you sacrifice for your bhais (brothers)? Why do you always try to take advantage of your sex by saying that you are a woman?” The whole bus was filled with whispers, all of them agreeing with the elderly person. The young lady was silent. Being a girl myself, the 'Feminist Zone' of my brain protests to see men doing injustice to us. But that doesn't mean that I would try to take advantage in everything only because I am a girl.

Sabreena Ahmed, Department of English, DU

Insecure Existence

I was passing through Bayezid Bostami Road near Shah Amanat Market. Suddenly, I saw a motorcycle hit a middle-aged woman while she was trying to cross the road. As soon as the accident happened, the rider sped off in his bike as the road was clear. The woman was badly injured. Her whole body was covered in blood as she lay senseless in the middle of the road. I wondered if she would live. A crowd had gathered and some caring people put her in a taxi to the hospital. I never saw such a scene before. Whenever I think about that moment, I can't stop my tears. Why are people becoming so cruel day by day? Why don't people stop all the reckless driving and start to care, even if it's just a little bit?

Shahida Islam, IUBC

The Swindler

Since I cook for myself, I was going to the kitchen market in Polashi to purchase some vegetables. When I came down in front of my hall, I saw a rickshawpuller there and asked if he would take me to my destination. I noticed that the poor man was weeping. He said that some angry students torture the rickshawpullers nowadays without any reason. He had brought a student here two hours back all the way from Kallayanpur and with a fare of Tk.35. The passenger showed him a Tk.100 note and told him to wait as he (the passenger) needed to change the money. Two hours had gone by and still there was no sign of the passenger. I went to Polashi on another rickshaw and returned after half an hour, only to find that the rickshawpuller was still waiting for the swindler. For this kind of deceit, many rickshawpullers are reluctant to come up to our university hall. Why can't people be a little honest nowadays?

Md.Zillur Rahaman, BB Hall, D.U.



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