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September 26, 2003

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The Swm Library

I have been a fan of SWM from its very first issue. In recent days it has made quite a lot of progress and is unmatchable! I go through all its write-ups and articles, but the "Books" segment is one of my favourites. I really enjoy the wide selection of book reviews both recent and old. Indeed SWM has provided me with a lot of information about books which I have later managed to read and could not possibly put down even for a minute! SWM has contributed to enriching my personal library with memorable books. No other magazine so far has taken this kind of initiative. I thank Sanyat Sattar and all others, who are behind in compiling this wonderful page.
Mahbub Hasan


The cover story on the Banglapedia was very enjoyable. The article carried much information on the Banglapedia. I would like to thank all the writers for their excellent write-up.
Nazmus Saquib

Are We Bangali or Indian

We Bangalis love Indian film songs more than anything else. I honestly think that Indian film songs are very good. Not only the music but the lyrics as well. Most of the people in Bangladesh now watch the Hindi TV serials on the Indian channels. Everyone has noticed one thing: on any occasion such as marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, picnics etc. we play Hindi film songs. In every CD store, the shopkeepers are always playing recent Indian movie songs all the time. It is not fair that we are giving so much consideration and priority to Indian songs, without giving any credit to our own Bangla songs. We are copying the Hindi film music, lyrics and even dances! I am not saying that we should not listen to Hindi music but why must we play Hindi songs in our marriage ceremonies or birthday parties?
A Concerned Reader

Our Grandeur: The Banglapedia

Congratulation from my cavernous heart to SWM for highlighting as a cover story on The Banglapedia and its making by Mr. Mustafa Zaman and Mr. Shamim Ahsan on the 12th September 2003 issue. Our splendour, the Banglapedia is the pioneer assignment not only in Bangladesh; it is the first initiative in whole of South Asia. It will no doubt fill in the much-felt gap for a standard reference book on Bangladesh. Unfortunately the Inqilab group's propaganda tried to find a conspiracy in our national encyclopedia. Meanwhile, their propaganda failed. Finally my earnest thanks to the Chief Editor, veteran historian Professor Sirajul Islam and his associates for our grand project -- the Banglapedia.
Md. Zillur Rahaman,
Dhaka Universtity

Nothing is Possible Without a Bribe

I went to the National University in Gazipur to cancel my admission. At first I tried to do it on my own but I did not get any help from the employers of officers of NU. I asked an employee about the cancellation fee and he replied that it would be Tk. 700. When I asked another employee for confirmation he said to me “Bhai, be carful there are many brokers in NU. Come with me.”
I was impressed with this man for being honest with me. He introduced me to two women employees (telephone operators) of NU. They wanted my necessary papers and told me that the job would be done. But when I gave them my papers they began to say that the job would be very complicated and that they needed Tk. 1000 to be able to do the job. Without seeing any other way, I paid them. When they finally finished the cancellation process I found out that the fee was only Tk. 150. I humbly appeal to the authorities concerned to take necessary steps so that the administrative staff don't cheat students.
Lokman Hakim





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