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05:00 PM, June 12, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:02 AM, June 13, 2018

Childhood memories make Neymar emotional

Neymar broke down in tears when he walked into a recreation of his tiny childhood bedroom on a TV program -- Caldeirão do Huck -- ahead of the World Cup. The Brazilian superstar’s parents and his sister made a surprise visit to that replica of Neymar’s first house  in San Vicente on the coast of Sao Paolo, and altogether they comforted him on that program.

As soon as he entered the room he broke into tears, walking around the room he picked up some items also. After a short time of reflection, Neymar's parents, his sister Rafaella and girlfriend Bruna Marquezine all eventually made their way into the room to share the experience with him. The replica house is the place where the PSG forward grew up, the bed room is full of footballs, football shorts and trophies.

His mother Nadine said: "He looked at me and asked me 'why mom?’ And I did not know how to answer him."

Neymar's parents and his sister helped the TV producers recreate the room, which also featured pictures from the family's past.

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