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     Volume 8 Issue 65 | April 17, 2009 |

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"The probe body revealed that violating the law, the then speaker Jamiruddin Sircar drew Tk 27.86 lakh as medical bill without the then prime minister Khaleda Zia's consent and ignoring her opinion."
MP and the chief of a probe body that was made to investigate
alleged graft of the former Speaker.

"Ours is an agro-based economy. We always emphasize on agriculture… if an agricultural country tries, it also can be an industrial country. Japan is a big example for us. Like Japan, we also have lot of opportunities to make our country industrially developed."
prime minister.

"A tribunal will also be formed later to try the war criminals in compliance with the International Crimes (Tribunal) Act, 1973."
law minister
about the trial of war criminals.
He has also said, " "This is the first time we are going to try war criminals. The 1973 act is designed to try war criminals under special tribunal within the shortest possible time."

"I hope that the initiative to seek UN assistance to address the 1971 war crimes marks the beginning of a process to heal the wounds of this war in the national psyche."
Amnesty International.

"The cantonment house has been leased out to her for 99 years and she has been living there for the last 27 years. You can go to the court and we will face you there."
Secretary General
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)
about a government decision to tell BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to leave her residence in Dhaka Cantonment so that the family members of the slain army officers of the BDR carnage can be rehabilitated in that place. The house was a gift from the deposed President Lt Gen HM Ershad's regime.
Hossain has also said, "Find another place to rehabilitate the family members of army officials killed in the BDR carnage. Is there any dearth of land in Dhaka city?"

"People will appreciate you if you do it."
home minister
advising Khaleda to vacate the house and not to resort to anarchy.

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