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     Volume 7 Issue 26 | June 27, 2008 |

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   SWM Home

I was going home by train a few days ago when a couple of police officers entered my compartment in order to check for illegal substances. As a part of their routine, they asked me what the contents of my bag were. I gently replied, “All I have are clothes and rice, sir.” But the police officers did not believe me. One officer actually seemed a little angry at my response, possibly because he thought I was joking and to him, the law was no laughing matter. He opened my bag, anticipating the drugs I was carting across the country, but all that was inside were clothes and rice! The officers laughed and left, realising that I was telling the truth, but now the joke is on them given the rising price of rice.

Safiqul Raihan LLM
Rajshahi University

After having lunch, I was leaving “Well Food” at the Gol Pahar intersection in Chittagong when I heard some commotion up ahead. Curious about the situation, I went to investigate, then witnessing two beggars shouting “Bondhu! Bondhu!” at an irritated-looking foreigner. However, I did not understand the actual reason for the beggars' antics until I saw the exasperated foreigner pull out a note of 500 taka before driving off in his jeep. Though I knew the actions of the beggars were quite abominable, I couldn't help but be impressed by what I saw.

Jafrin Jahed Jiti
Chittagong Medical College

On a particular day, I was drinking my usual at the tea stall near my office when I saw a well-dressed, cute girl of about 10 years of age coming toward me. At first I thought the girl was coming to ask me for directions, but I later realised that what she truly wanted were alms. Now, it is fairly common to be asked for money by beggars in Dhaka, but this girl definitely did not look or act like a beggar. As stated before, she was well dressed, and she used very refined language when she spoke. Still, there was no doubt in what she wanted. I ended up giving her what little money I had, but really, my heart just went out to her. The world seemed beyond cruel to me though we see poverty and disasters, they are so commonplace now that we seem to have become indifferent to them. All it takes, however, is one small innocent face to remind us how blessed we are.

Md Sohel Hara

Westecs Ltd. Gulshan

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