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     Volume 6 Issue 31 | August 10, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

A Mobile Phone Tragedy
The other day my friend got a call from his cousin and was told that he urgently needed some money to buy a mobile phone. He was in a hurry since he was offered a price less than half of the usual price. Clearly, this was a case of dealers selling a stolen phone. Nevertheless, my friend along with another cousin of his went along with the money to meet with the sellers near Gulistan. Surprisingly enough, the dealers turned out to be mere teenagers. The transaction happened quite smoothly but at the end the sellers hurried up and asked my friend and his cousins to leave the area quickly as the place was no longer safe. They quickly left the place and afterwards when the cousin drew the mobile phone from his pocket to admire his prized possession, he was unable to turn on the mobile. Even the camera would not slide open. He was horrified when finally he figured that he was cheated with just a cover with stuffing of wax and coins to make it heavy. During the transaction he was shown an original one but when the sellers were hurrying up they somehow replaced it with the fake piece. My suggestion to all would be to never go for stolen goods.
Farhan Rahman

The Enthusiastic Gamer
Mobile phones have definitely brought about a revolution in our society. I can't imagine how I had survived the years before the advent of this device. A cell phone is used to surf the net, to take pictures, listen to music and so on. Sometimes I find passengers on the bus playing the latest music videos and whiling away time. A few days, after completing the day's work I was on my way home on the bus. An elderly passenger was sitting right next to me. He had a beard and was about 60 years of age. I was very amused when I saw him playing a game in his new shiny mobile phone. He was so engrossed in his game that he did not notice that I along with the other passengers were looking at him all amused. When finally he did notice us, he gave us an embarrassing smile and told us sheepishly that he had bought the mobile set as a present for his daughter who recently got a GPA 5 in her SSC examinations. I don't know if his daughter liked the mobile phone or not but surly her father liked it a lot!
Md. Sohel Hara
Baridhara DOHS

The Woes of Technology
Modern technologies like mobile phones took over so much that nowadays almost everyone has a mobile, starting from an industrialist to a rickshaw puller. I would look at it positively, since our country is clearly progressing in this field. But then again, everything has a negative side to it as well. A few days ago while going to Dhanmondi, I had to walk leaving the rickshaw in the huge traffic jam when I came across a traffic policeman who was comfortably leaning on to the railing of the bridge and was talking over phone with great pleasure, giving no attention to the jam whatsoever. So much for enforcing the law for the good of the people!
Fahmida Akram

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