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     Volume 5 Issue 108 | August 18, 2006 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am a first year sociology student of Dhaka University. I come from a poor family where sorrow and suffering are an everyday affair. I got admission into Dhaka University where I have been studying for the past six months. But it is extremely difficult for my father to pay my expenses. I tried to find private tuition to pay for myself but couldn't. It has become impossible for me to continue my studies and complete my Honours degree at this reputed university. I am very upset. What can I do?

Dear MK,
Since you have come so far, it will be a shame to stop your studies at this stage. Whatever the difficulty might be, you must continue even if it means taking a loan. Continue to look for private tuition or other means of earning some money. What I am trying to say is that stopping your studies is not an option at all.

Dear Mita,
I am a student of applied chemistry and chemical technology at Islamic University. My BSc (Honours) results have been published recently. I missed First Class for only five marks. My family was expecting me to get a First Class, and after my results, they are all very upset with me. While some of my friends sympathise with me, others actually make fun of me. I have lost all inspiration to study for my Masters. I don't know what to do. Please help.

Dear J,
Please stop feeling sorry for yourself and get along with your life. You have done very well and will do even better in life if you put your disappointments behind and look ahead. Be grateful for having the opportunity to get an education, many don't even get that. Your friends will shut up once you are successful in life. Put your heart and mind in getting a first class in your masters, rest will fall into place.

Dear Mita,
When I was in college, I was very much in love with a girl called “S”. Her parents chose a rich expatriate for her to marry and, because I was a young, unemployed guy, I convinced her to marry the man of her parents' choice. She is now happily married with a child. Three years later, I am pursuing my higher studies. My family introduced me to a girl a lot like “S”. She is a first year Honours student and because we have met through our families, I get to talk to her quite a bit. I told her about “S”. But as time went by, I fell in love with her, and now I'm crazy about her. But I'm afraid to tell her because she might misunderstand me. I want her to tell me about her feelings first, because if I tell her and she rejects me, I'll be shattered. What should I do?

Dear S,
There should not be so much of hesitancy with someone that you are crazy about. What happened with S was a long time ago. If this present girl does not understand that then she is not mature enough for a serious relationship. You must be free and frank with the person you love, this is very important for building a strong and trusting relationship.



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