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     Volume 5 Issue 108 | August 18, 2006 |

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Home Sweet Home!
The cover story of August 4, 2006 has been an eye-opener of huge proportions. Most youngsters are predisposed to thinking that hopping onboard an international flight would provide a tonic to their problems. The article clearly explicate the fact that even second generation emigrants feel at the depth of their hearts that there is no place like their native Bangladesh.
Hopefully this substantial article will inspire these youths to abstain themselves from the wild goose chase of a heavenly life abroad.
On the flipside is the fact that some parents in our over-anxious society avoid sending their children abroad for higher studies. They are sceptical that their child may not return. The write-up ought to relieve their minds. They can rest assured, for the Bengali heart is forever married to the serene landscape of our motherland. So it's a safe bet that their jewel is to return to them. All credit is indeed well-deserved by the writers for such a comprehensive article.
Rashed Al Ahmad Tarique
North Fuller Road


The cover story titled 'A Summer Homecoming' (August 4, 2006) is no doubt a praiseworthy article. With this article we came to know about the feelings of Bangladeshi expatriates for their motherland.
Bangladeshi people are now used to living with political violence, lack of basic convenience, dust, noise, crowd, intolerable traffic jam etc. Love for our homeland has become blunt. With this article we got the opportunity to know about our country in a new way through the eyes of Bangladeshi expatriates.
They miss and feel for their country passionately despite living so far and come back to their motherland whenever they get the opportunity. Thanks to the SWM and the writers for this superb article.
Moin Syed
Computer Science & Engineering Dept.

Exercise more cautiousness
I found it rather shocking that Dr. Satparkash in his health write up (July 28, 2006) has detailed the process of using the lethal drug Yaba.
The writer should keep in mind that the SWM is not a magazine for adults only. Many impressionable youngsters read it too. It was not necessary to demonstrate the method of its use as the Health page should be intended to convince people to keep themselves away from these terrible drugs not to teach them how to use it.
Shaikhul Akbar Eishan
Chuadanga Govt. College

In Response to a Dhaka Diary
I write this in part, as a response to an entry titled “A Rickshaw Accident” (August 11, 2006) and in part to shed some of my perspective on “Bangalis” as I have known.
I somewhat understand the frustration one might experience whilst riding in a rickshaw with an untrained puller. I bet it's not a fun or safe ride. However, it has been in our blood, and in our system, to criticise instead of facing the challenge and actually taking a perceptive stance towards it.
Bangladesh's literacy rate stands at 43.1 % (*), with around 48% of the population dwelling under the National Poverty Line. Going back to that untrained rickshawpuller, I would like to bring to your attention: what have we, as a nation, done to educate these people? What have those, boasting about brotherhood and such, and as Bangalis, achieved so far that makes us stand out except for corruption and chaos? The root of the problem does not lie in resorting to prostitution or untrained adults entering the workforce to make a living; it lies in the administration and those officials who have chosen to destroy the nation since day one of its existence.
A Choudhury
Ohio, USA

(*) U.S. Department of State, The World Fact Book: Bangladesh, 2006

G B Shaw and Fabian Society
Shahnoor Wahid's article on George Bernard Shaw was a riveting piece replete with the great playwright's deployment of witty intellect in composing dialogical satire designed for stage.
The writer cast a modicum of light on Shaw's affiliation with Fabian Society but he could have written a few more lines on this intellectual circle based in Britain that believed in Gradualist socialism. The Society other than Shaw included such luminaries as Sidney Olivier, Annie Besant, Sidney Webb and Graham Wallas.
The Society members sloughed off the exhortation of Marxist Oeuvre of social change to usher in utopian socialism through revolution. Instead they were steeped in the utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham, and quite naturally they were the apologists of liberal socialism to bring about social equality. What they failed to see was that reformation is always insufficient to trigger off social change despite the operation of autonomous dynamics of society. Three cheers to Wahid for writing this fabulous article.
Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam
Department of Anthropology, DU

GPA 5 Holders Undermined
I am a GPA 5(A+) holder of the SSC Examination 2006. Getting A+ in the board exams was the greatest achievement of my life. But there has been a rumour that this year's SSC question papers were made unbelievably easy due to the upcoming election.
I do not think the Government would stoop so low as to boost their image in such a manner. I do not know what the real fact is, but I can surely say that this rumour is a serious degradation and insult to all the meritorious students who have worked very hard to get such good results.
As a consolation to fellow GPA 5 holders, I would like to say that it is not our results that will determine our future, but our capability and talent! So congratulations to all of you out there!
Anika Bhuiyan
Southpoint School & College Chittagong

It's not an Arab- Israel war
The illegal establishment of Israel on the Arab land has been masterminded by the AngloAmerican imperialism. These masterminds are directly controlling Israel and some Arab lands keeping the tension alive. Given the fact, Israel is working as a puppet for them and so are the pro American Arabs. History unveils the fact that the Jews had a long history of fighting the Christians they are equally on the same term with the Arabs now forgetting the fact that they are mere pawns at the hands of the Americans, at least in this regard.
One has more than one reason to believe that any option for peace in that region lies in the hands of the British and the Americans. And until any sincere attempt from them is initiated there is hardly any room for peace in that burning region in the mid-east.
Everyone, irrespective of religion, cast and creed should work unitedly to fight the evil to ensure a world free from terror, inequality and anarchy. And we should always believe that it's never too late.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

A superb inspiration for new gardeners
After reading 'Joy of Gardening' (August 11, 2006) by Azizul Jalil, I cannot help but express my own reflections on it. I want to thank the writer for presenting us with such a splendid piece of instructive writing from an experienced gardener.
The writer compares the collecting and planting of various flowers in his times and his father times very thoroughly. He also talks about some of the common flowers and vegetables very beautifully. His presentation might be passive but meticulously instructive. I think his article is a great inspiration and reference for new gardeners.
S.M.Sanowar Hussan
Department of English, MC University College

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