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October 3, 2003

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Mental Pressure Everywhere

No place is free of mental pressure. It is as if the pressure has taken a hold both inside and outside our homes. For example an aged mother suffers from mental pressure when her son who is a high-ranking officer tells her that he is not able to provide for his old parents because he has been doing it for three years, and it should be the job of the younger son from now on. After hearing these words, one can imagine how sad the mother is and how much her feelings are hurt. Is there any end to a mother's suffering when her son is negligent of her needs? There is tension outside the home too. For example a man working in a government office or an NGO, or any office for that matter, suffers from the fear that he might lose his job. There is no assuredness of a permanent position in any job. The World Health Organisation researched and found that the causes of pressure is high among NGO workers. However, they are doing nothing to solve this problem. People who work are constantly under stress because they are in danger of losing their jobs. Pure joy is hardly found in this atmosphere because it is constantly surrounded by tension and pressure. Living one's life happily is a part of our human rights. Nobody can live properly these days, it seems that everyone is unhappy or under pressure.

Nasreen Akhtar
Mirpur Dhaka

Discrimination at DU

Dhaka University authorities have decided to keep the central library open on Fridays. It is a very good decision for both our teachers and the students. However, the problem is that the science library is not open on Fridays and the students are deprived of this opportunity. Science students are in theoretical and lab classes from 8am to 5pm and so it is not always possible for them to do their class work on weekdays. It would be helpful if the science library was also open on Fridays. I hope the authorities pay attention to this request.

Md. Omar Faruk
Dhaka University

Joking with Jokes

I love the 'jokes' page of SWM. I usually start with this page. Recently however, I no more find the jokes very interesting. The September 12th issue, for example, provides three jokes but I (along with others) could not understand the what is funny there. I hope you will try to make this page more interesting.

A.R. Dewan


Thanks to Kajalie Shehreen Islam for her article on the eighteenth anniversary of the Dhaka University tragedy. It is important that such events should not, as the writer concluded, be repeated. The fact that an institute for education as prestigious as DU is not taking better care and providing more facilities for its students is a matter of grave concern. I was horrified to see the pictures illustrating the bad state of the dorms. Kajalie Shehreen Islam's article was well written and it is nice to see the journalists making such an effort to make a difference in the small world we know as Bangladesh.



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