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October 3, 2003

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Secrets of Photography

Sanyat Sattar


Complete Digital Photography
Ben Long
Charles River Media; December 2002 (second edition)

Complete Digital Photography is written for photographers of all skill levels, who want to use digital cameras to produce quality images. If you are an amateur or hobbyist photographer looking to take better pictures, and you have decided to use a digital camera instead of a traditional one, this book will show you the fundamental technical concerns of shooting good pictures. In this updated, full-colour edition, you will learn about the latest cameras and technologies, as well as the most recent updates to the software and hardware that you need to edit and print your pictures. The Second edition is also available in a CD-ROM version.

Photography: Secrets to Making Great Pictures
Peter K. Burian & Robert Caputo
National Geographic Society; June 2003 (second edition)

Written by two National Geographic writer/photographers, this book is fairly comprehensive introduction to taking photographs. But perhaps the most interesting and informative sections of the book are the profiles of Sam Abell, William Albert Allard, Annie Griffiths Belt, David Alan Harvey, James L. Stanfield, Michael Yamashita, and other notable photographers. The book concludes with helpful information on travel, photography publications, websites, and other resources. As one would expect, it is amply illustrated with exquisite, high-impact color images made on location. This substantial book aimed at photographers looking for practical advice from the pros is highly recommended for public and academic libraries.

Barbara London & John Upton
Prentice Hall; July 2001(seventh edition)

A picture tells a thousand stories, but the one it doesn't tell is how the shot was made. Barbara London and John Upton's Photography is an all-inclusive look at the craft of photography. This book will help any amateur move up a few notches, and it serves as a refresher course for professionals as well. The sixth edition of this classic best seller (the first was published in 1976) includes a companion Website with interactive activities, Web resources, and a learning archive. Amply illustrated with at least one photograph or diagram on almost every page, Photography is the one reference work every student of photography must have--even those who will never set foot in a classroom.



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