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October 3, 2003

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Don't fight the feeling.

Genre: Comedy / Musical
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Distributor: Paramount

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyonce Knowles, Mike Epps, Faith Evans, Steve Harvey (and more)

Darren, a morally vacant and debt-ridden advertising executive in New York, travels back to his small southern town in Alabama to attend his aunt's funeral--and more so, to cash in on an inheritance. However, soon thereafter, he discovers that in order to collect, he must first lead the local church gospel choir to success at a national competition. Desperate for money, Darren embarks on the nearly impossible challenge of turning the choir of lacklustre parishioners into Gospel gold. In order to rejuvenate the locals, he searches frantically for the best voices in town and finds them in some unconventional places: the county jail, the barbershop, an R&B dance club, and several points in between. Along the way, he works to win the heart of Terri, a beautiful single mother with a voice of satin, who turns his mission around.

In any relationship, one person always does the heavy lifting.

Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Woody Allen
Distributor: Dreamworks

Cast: Woody Allen, Jason Biggs, Stockard Channing, Danny DeVito, Christina Ricci (and more)

Neurotic Jewish writer Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs) is in love with beautiful aspiring actress Amanda (Christina Ricci), who has several troubling flaws: she hasn't had sex with him in six months, her mother's just moved into their tiny apartment, and she has a pretty nasty eating disorder to boot. It's no wonder, Jerry's problems being what they are and this being a Woody Allen film that Jerry's in therapy. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working, but when Jerry meets fellow writer David Dobel (Allen) he finds in the older man a mentor and confidant. Trouble is, the advice-spewing Dobel is even more neurotic (actually, paranoid might be the more apt term) and troubled than Jerry.

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