MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015

Wide Angle

  • Muhammad Ali

    Bangladesh I Love You

    37 years ago on February 18, Muhammad Ali, the “greatest heavyweight boxer ever,” came to Bangladesh along with his wife for a five-day visit.

  • Life sketch

    Born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942, into an African American family of Kentucky, Ali took to boxing at 12 years of age, almost by accident.

  • The Boy Who 'knocked Out' Ali

    The most exciting part of Muhammad Ali's sojourn in Bangladesh was probably the mock fight against a young boy at the Dhaka Stadium.

  • What about the promised land?

    Ever since Muhammad Ali's historic visit to Bangladesh 37 years ago, there has been this occasional speculation in local media as to what happened to the piece of land in Cox's Bazar which was promised to the legendary boxer.

  • Vultures' Zone

    Vultures are termed as natural cleaners. But their prominence in the blue skies of Bangladesh has drastically fallen over the years.



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