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  • Osama Rahman

  • Committed to committees forever

    Cracking down on time theft by government officials using the excuse of “sitting on committees”, the government yesterday decided to form a committee to oversee all other committees.
  • QiPileaks claims it leaked question papers

    The rise of the nefarious whistleblowing group QiPileaks has the country of Bangladesh both alarmed and happy.
  • First Robot to become a Bangladeshi citizen

    The provocatively dressed robot, who was recently granted Bangladeshi citizenship, has just gone missing. Law enforcers are at a loss as to where she (?) has gone. The newly formed Ministry to Control Possibly Female Robots (MCPFR) released a statement saying the Robot must return or she (?) will be hunted down and found.
  • Animal Farm in the making

    Animals in and around the country have been raising allegations of discrimination, squarely levelling the blame on the government and its actor for propagating a harmful and hateful narrative.
  • SUBODH'S sorrow and our tomorrow

    If you find a group of pedestrians staring, transfixed by a subtle yet imposing graffiti on a wall, don't be surprised. In parts of Dhaka,