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        Volume 11 |Issue 32| August 10, 2012 |


 Inner Voices
 Eid Mubarak
 The Man who would  not Die
 The Cormorant's  Blood
 The Watchers
 Eid Mania
 Untitled Confessions
 If a Sea has Nowhere  to Go
 Ebri Mourning Visit
 Found Poem
 Big Brother

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Eid Mania


Like a volcano Eid mania
Spreads over the city
With Oxygenic urgency

The world suddenly
Gazes at gift racks,
Flowers & cards –
On superstore shelves,
From Mercedes to shades of mascara
& all the could-haves
Under the peeping sun

Cash flies swift
Hops like toads
Out of purses and wallets
Millions drool over
New dresses named Shakiras, Katrinas
Studded shoe laces,
Dancing ear rings
With latest hair-dos
Ornament boxes swell up
Like Kubla Khan's dome!

Meanwhile, after the dark
Street lights with neon signs of BBQ s & KFC s
Shine on car windows
Rushing through chartered avenues
Romance sprouts in abundance.


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