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      Volume 11 |Issue 32| August 10, 2012 |


 Inner Voices
 Eid Mubarak
 The Man who would  not Die
 The Cormorant's  Blood
 The Watchers
 Eid Mania
 Untitled Confessions
 If a Sea has Nowhere  to Go
 Ebri Mourning Visit
 Found Poem
 Big Brother

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(a poem in Bangladeshi English)

Rifat Islam Esha

I am Sojib,
Good looks and lovely boy.
I read in versity
But am unhappy
At moment of
This semister.

I tell a little storey
Of a little girl,
Our TA Miss
That I like so dearly much.
She knows English well
So I failing
To impres.

I write privet
Essays on
“Damaraged hart bits”
But she cuts ebri think:
Red ink, red ink
Ebri line
She's dressing.

I am very, very
Loving her…
I go see her ebri mourning
She smile and tell,
“Oh Sojib! Good mourning…
Oh, my brother name
Also Sojib… don't fear,
You pass.”



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