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       Volume 11 |Issue 32| August 10, 2012 |


 Inner Voices
 Eid Mubarak
 The Man who would  not Die
 The Cormorant's  Blood
 The Watchers
 Eid Mania
 Untitled Confessions
 If a Sea has Nowhere  to Go
 Ebri Mourning Visit
 Found Poem
 Big Brother

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Inner Voices

Photo: Amirul Rajiv

The mystery of the mind is something that continues to baffle us and plants in us the unquenchable search for the key to the puzzle that is the human psyche. Creative writing is a product of this thirst and hunger for exploring the unchartered and reinventing the familiar. This week's special Eid issue is an assortment of the creative endeavours of writers known and lesser known. The poetry and fiction in this issue are diverse and explore divergent themes - from nostalgic forays into personal pasts to mystical worlds and seductive presents. There are spurts of passion, disappointment, introspection, love, hate, hurts and joys as well as an undulating voice that is distinctly from this region taking the reader through a journey that is at times tranquil and at others, turbulent. They take us to the lush greenness of the land and greyness of ominous skies and city streets with neon lights. They are stories and poems about the sensibilities of individuals who must carry on the business of life amidst religious and cultural pressures as well as the onslaught of modernity and progress.

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