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     Volume 11 |Issue 32| August 10, 2012 |


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Pushpita Alam

Sub: Prayer for financial support
for educational development
and rehabilitation
of the backward community peoples

Dear Ms Kulsum Apa,

Heartiest congratulation from our Institute
for the Helpless & Backward Peoples (IFTHABP)
You will be pleased to learn
that we had established and run
an Institute for the helpless children
for their education
vocational training
and all sorts of assistances to them
which are absolutely free of cost.
99 % backward children
who have come
from the very poorest of poor families;
who are not to bear educational expenses.

The Institute for the Helpless & Backward Peoples (IFTHABP)
is a non-governmental, non-profitable & non-political,
Non-Religious, Philanthropic organisation.
Its main objectives are to undertaking programme
in multiple rehabilitation for the helpless children
to promote for Education, Food,
Vocational Training , Computer training,
to prepare for a bright future.

In this regard, your honour
we would request you to kindly
look into the aforesaid matter
for financial assistance/contribution
of the said Institution
as per your might
which may please be done
at your earliest possible.
It will be highly appreciable
if you can help
the wretched said needy helpless children
will be highly benefited and
they will fulfil their mission or dreams.

You can help by kind and coins,
or can you gift learning computer,
Fan, Books, Printer, Scaner,
Furniture, sewing machine
Toys or any kind of help as you like.

The Institute is running
and to maintain absolutely depend
on public and general donation.
You may please be sent
payable cheque or cash
in the name of “Institute for the Helpless
& Backward People”.

In this respect
we cordially invite you to kindly pay a visit
our Website
and participate to our noble programme
for your financial help
& valuable suggestion
and guidelines

which will inspire
us to render future service
to the most neglected
helpless people.
Please confirm us
your arrival time
over telephone
at your earliest.

We are approaching
your support
to meet out
our regular programmes
and we will be very glad to say
that you have responded positively to it.

For any further information
Please inform me.

Heartiest regards,

Prof Dr AKM Ali (Liton), MBBS, PQRS, XYZ
Founder and President

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