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   Volume 11 |Issue 03| January 20, 2012 |


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Then WHY?


The US Marine Corps has launched an investigation into a video that purports to show American Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban members. The video, posted on YouTube, shows four Marines peeing on three dead bodies lying in the dust in front of them. In the 40-second film, the soldiers are laughing, and one of the Marines jokes, "Have a great day buddy”. A second man is heard saying, "Golden, like a shower”. (Huff Post (USA), 12 Jan 2012)

Does that mean that all Americans, as a bizarre ritual, urinate on dead human bodies?

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) there is 1.5 to two million thefts a year. Retail crime cost the high street £1.4bn last year, an increase of around a third, according to a BRC survey. With shops already under huge pressure because of the flagging economy, the BRC warns that serious organised crime is increasingly targeting the sector. One London businessman told Sky News that criminals were becoming increasingly sophisticated. (Sky News (UK), 16 Jan 2012)

Does that mean that more British are becoming thieves so low that they have to steal from shops?

A town in the north-west of France has just banished the use of the title 'mademoiselle' or 'miss' from all its official forms and documents. For the feminist groups backing the initiative, it marks a first step in tackling sexual discrimination in everyday life. (france24.com, 13 Jan 2012)

Does that mean the French cannot otherwise honour a woman as 'woman', and the women there have to hide behind masculinity?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described the murders of nine immigrants and a policewoman by a suspected neo-Nazi cell as "shameful". Officials believe members of the same group, active for more than a decade, also carried out bank robberies and a bomb attack in Cologne. The group only came to light this week when one alleged member surrendered and two others killed themselves. The case has stunned Germany, which is still sensitive to its Nazi past. The BBC's Chris Morris, in Berlin, says the case has made headlines across Germany, knocking the euro zone crisis off the front pages. As shocking as the murders are, he adds, there are broader political questions that demand answers. Allegations in the German media suggest that one or more of the group may have worked as informants for the domestic intelligence services. (BBC News Europe, 15 Nov 2011)

Does that mean the German government uses neo-Nazis as spies to keep the country safe for non-immigrants only?

On Tuesday, 4 February 1986, in the Boiler Paddock of a farm police found the body of nursing sister, Anita Lorraine Cobby, who had been reported missing by her family the day before. Anita Cobby had been dragged through a barbed-wire fence and punched, beaten and kicked. There was extensive bruising on her head, breasts, face, shoulders, groin, thighs, and legs. Her throat had been cut and she was almost decapitated. Medical officers believed that Anita Cobby was conscious when she had her throat cut. It would have taken two to three minutes for her to bleed to death. She had also been repeatedly raped. The only thing that police could accurately assume at the time of the discovery of the body was that more than one person, possibly a gang, had committed the crime. (www.trutv.com)

Does that mean 'spineless cowards' disguised as Aussie gangs, prey on helpless young women as a routine down under?

A ruling party lawmaker Michael Church is calling for Grenada's prime minister to order an inquiry into all allegations of police brutality in recent years, nearly two weeks after 39-year-old Oscar Bartholomew of Toronto was allegedly beaten to death by five police officers. Bartholomew's relatives say he was beaten after he hugged a plainclothes female officer and lifted her off the ground in front of a police station, apparently confusing her with an old friend. (Yahoo! News, 8 Jan 2012)

Does that mean that every Grenadian policeman is brutal to the extent that they can kill out of jealousy for a female compatriot?

Then why does the print and the electronic media, often the governments, and to a large extent the people in those very countries and of several others who think likewise believe that suicide bombers in Iraq, or a handful of terrorists with Arab names in the States, or mercenaries in Syria, or a group linked to Karachi in a Mumbai hotel, dare to represent the entire Muslim world? Such foolish generalisation over decades has cut a deep wound in the Muslim heart and hurt their friends worldwide.

By the way, Anders Behring Breivik is not Muslim. On 22 July 2011 the 32-year old sworn anti-Islamic Norwegian killed eight persons in Oslo and 69 in Utoya island (total 77, most of them aged 15-19), and injured 151. But psychiatrists have declared him 'insane'.

Muslim killers are not that lucky. Neither are all Norwegians racists.



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