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   Volume 8 Issue 92 | October 30, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Teenagers Committing Suicide

It was the end of my coaching classes just before the Eid vacations began. I was bidding farewell to my classmates and chit chatting when suddenly, an unexpected piece of news grabbed my attention. One of my classmates had committed suicide! The girl was in her late teens and was being forced to marry by her family members. She tried her best to convince them to let her continue her studies and not to have her marry. But unfortunately she failed to do so and therefore decided to kill herself to get relief from the pressure at home. She was the second child of four children and her family was well-off. Her family seems to be well educated and aware of the world around them. Why would these parents then force a young girl to marry? It is quite shocking when parents end up scaring the children more, rather than protecting and defending them.
Mirpur, Dhaka


Extorting Money with Snakes!

One afternoon, I along with a few friends was visiting the Zia Uddan. Quite a few people were seen taking a break from their busy lives and enjoying the weather. All of a sudden, a group of young women with snakes and baskets came out of nowhere asking for money. They were threatening the visitors with their snakes, if they were not given the money. Most of the visitors, being panic-stricken, were forced to pay. This is something that is happening almost everywhere, but the authorities do not seem to do anything about it. I would like to request the authorities to look into this immediately.
Shamim Ansary Sumon
Daffodil International University

One Ramadan Evening

In the middle of last Ramadan, I had gone out for a walk. As I neared a mosque, a rickshaw puller called out from behind. He looked tired and his eyes were red. I figured that this rickshaw puller would relate to me a story about how he needed help and money. I did not want to be fooled and prepared myself for his stories. Instead, however, he asked me if I was going inside the mosque. I replied, “Yes.” Then he took out a two taka note and gave it to me, requesting me to put it in the mosque's fund box. Slightly, dazed, I said yes again and took the money from him. He then went off to his work. This experience changed quite a lot of me inside.
Kazi Fahad Lateef


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