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    Volume 8 Issue 79 | July 24, 2009 |

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Star Diary

On the Bus

It was already late as I hurried myself to the bus stop. After paying for my ticket I rushed into the crowded bus managing only the little space on the stairs. Watching a very old person standing inside the bus I wondered why most passengers paid for tickets even when they didn't get a seat. All of a sudden the bus braked and the old person could not balance himself and fell on the ground. Watching the scene the conductor felt a bit ashamed and went to help him. But I am sure he is not going to change his attitude about taking in passengers on a filled bus until strict rules are applied and implemented by the government.
Tausif Choudhury
Purana Paltan, Dhaka

Stealing inside Halls

For a very long time, I wanted to get a computer for our social development organisation in our local area. But we could never afford one. Finally a friend came forward and contributed an amount to purchase the computer. We kept the money in his room, but one day we found out that the money was gone! Someone stole all the money from his room. This is a very common scene in hostels and dormitories, where important books, cell phones and other valuables are stolen. It is necessary to stop this habit.
Mohammad Azam Khan
University of Chittagong

Cell Phone Crisis

A few days ago, a friend was travelling by bus to his home. Suddenly he discovered that his cell phone was missing from his pocket. Obviously, someone among the passengers had stolen it. My friend suspected the passenger sitting next to him. He remained calm throughout his journey while thinking of what to do. As the bus was about to reach the destination, he tried to keep an eye on the passenger. He followed the person and asked him, “Do you think you have done a wonderful job of stealing my phone? Please give it back.” The man, who looked like a proper gentleman, returned the phone in an awkward manner. Then my friend asked him to return everything else he stole from the other passengers on the bus. The man brought out another cell phone and handed it to the passengers who had gathered around to watch the commotion. My friend finally left the scene, leaving the man on the spot, all confused and embarrassed.
Asraf Ali
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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