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     Volume 4 Issue 25| December 17, 2004 |

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Things to know about your Brain

Your brain has an unlimited potential to learn. It absorbs an estimated seven to 10 new pieces of information every second - and can continue to do so for the rest of your life, yet still have plenty of room left to learn more. Each time you have a new experience or learn something, your brain physically grows new inter-neural (brain cell) connections. This means that the brain grows physically with every bit of knowledge or information that we learn in every second.

Your brain cortex is "wrinkled" for a reason. You have billions and billions of brain cells packed into your 3-pound brain. If all of your brain cells were laid out end-to-end, it would stretch at least 800,000 kilometers (496,000 miles). This is roughly the distance to the moon and back.

Your brain is not limited to your skull. Your intelligence is actually distributed throughout the cells of your body. The body-mind barrier does NOT exist. We are thinking beings on every level. There is even a current scientific theory that our brain is holographic - and is duplicated right down to a sub-molecular level.

Your brain is as unique as your fingerprint. Of the six billion people currently living, and the 90 billion people who have ever walked the Earth, there has never been a brain quite like yours. You are truly unprecedented and totally unique.

Intelligence has little to do with your IQ score. neuroscientists and Neuro psychologists now know that IQ tests only measure very limited "rational and logical" thinking skills. Such skills may actually be the most limited portion of your intelligence. Research show that there is also your emotional intelligence (EQ), and your all-important higher intelligence (HQ). Many researchers now identify as many as 25 sub-intelligences.

You can learn to think like Einstein. Recent research clearly demonstrated that the basic thing setting Einstein's brain apart was the number of connections between his neurons. His closest friend has preserved Einstein's brain after his death and research on Einstein's preserved brain show that he had a very overlapping brain with respect to cell connections. This is different from the brain of average human being but this was not a birth condition. Challenging oneself mentally creates such a densely packed brain! So challenge yourself mentally, your brain can handle it.

You can also learn to think like Leonardo da Vinci. Your intelligence is not fixed at birth. Recent researches show that your genes account for only about 48 percent of your IQ. The remaining 52 percent is a function of your prenatal care, environment and education. And, it should be added, this includes education at any age!

Interestingly enough, this knowledge has just changed your brain. Just reading this information created immediate synaptic changes in your brain. If you actually contemplate what this information means to you, you strengthen those new neural connections. And the stronger they get, the more easily they will override any old limiting thoughts you may have about your own mental potential!

Compiled by A.N. Siddique

Copyright (R) thedailystar.net 2004