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     Volume 4 Issue 19 | October 29, 2004 |

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New Flicks

Team America
                   World Police

Putting the "F" back in Freedom.

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy
Director: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Elle Russ, Stanley G. Sawicki, Dian Bachar

Team America, an international police force dedicated to maintaining global stability, learns that power hungry dictator is brokering weapons of destruction to terrorists. The heroes embark upon a harrowing mission to save the world. To infiltrate the terrorist network, Team America recruits Gary Johnston, a rising star on Broadway to go undercover. Although initially reluctant to sacrifice his promising career, Gary realises that his acting gift is needed for a higher cause. With the help of Team America (Chris, Sarah, Lisa, Joe and Spottswoode) Gary slips into an arms dealer's hideout where he discovers that the terrorists' plot has already begun to unfold.


Shall We Dance?
Step out of the ordinary

Genre: Romance / Music
Director: Peter Chelsom
Distributor: Miramax Films
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale

An overworked Chicago accountant (Gere) tired of the boring routine that his life has become, sees a beautiful dance teacher (Lopez) through a window and decides to start taking lessons from her in order to get to know her better. As the joy of dancing enters his life, he discovers that it might just be the secret to saving his troubled marriage. As the accountant's skill as a dancer improves, he eventually signs up for the Chicago Crystal Ball Dance Competition. Will he win?

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