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February 13 , 2004

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Thailand in Frame

Royal Thai Embassy in collaboration with Thai Business Society in Bangladesh present THAILAND OTOP VILLAGE. Thai Home Décor & Handicrafts Fair Otop stands for "One Tambon One Product"- a Thai Government initiative launched in 2001 to identify and promote unique products made by village communities (Tambons) as a means of expanding the country's domestic and international trade as well as improving incomes at the grass-roots level. The culmination of local wisdom and experience handed down from generation to generation has resulted in the creation of attractive and refined handicrafts. The first of its kind in Bangladesh, the Fair offers a wide range of village products from Thailand. This Fair started on February 5 and continues till tomorrow. The products include exotic lamps, trendy gadgets, household ware, handicrafts, pottery, fresh fruits, jewellery and a soothing massage by a trained Thai masseuse.


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