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February 13 , 2004

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Advocacy for an Opinion
I, on behalf of the young readers, thank Abdullah Imran his well-timed suggestion of implementing Mathematics in the magazine. It will augment the way of thinking of the youngsters of SWM. Mathematics has the super ability to make a man thoughtful and ingenious. Life without mathematics is really boring. Mathematical puzzles and analytical problems can be included in the magazine. We look forward to the editor taking this initiative.
Dhaka Cantonment

The Fatal Illness
I would like to thank SWM for publishing Salma Sobhan's short story which I enjoyed reading immensely. Her writing is so full of depth and soul. I was very sad to hear about the demise of such a brilliant and revolutionary woman. She was strong and kind and someone who touched everyone whose life she came into. Her death is a great loss for our people. I hope that SWM will continue to publish her work and that we will remember her as she was -- a very special woman in a league of her own.

Making it 450
The government has recently decided to increase the number of legislatures in the Jatiya Sangsad (JS) from 300 to 450. While the country's economy is going through stagnation and donors have constantly been advocating the downsizing of the cabinet, the decision has come as a bad joke. Lately the level of standards of the MP's has deteriorated sharply; the previous JS was infamous for being the home to several ill-famed individuals. And this one will certainly outmatch its predecessor in notoriety. Strengthening an institution like this is something we can hardly afford. Democracy does not merely mean sending people to the parliament; rather the constitution should be amended so that loan defaulters, criminals and people who use religion for their own petty interests do not get the chance to decide our fate.
Risat Mohammed Noor
On e-mail

Fashion Page
Being a bit of a fashion buff, I was quite excited to see "Fashion in Frames," in the January 23rd issue of SWM. However I was disappointed when I opened the centre spread because the printing was extremely poor with blurry photographs and the colour running haywire. Some of the models look like alien beings. I am sure the clothes were trendy, but it is hard to tell because of the double images. If you are going to print fashion pictures -- or any pictures for that matter -- please make sure that the people at least look human!

Picture Perfect
I am a new reader of SWM. It was a great pleasure to read your January 16th issue. The cover story on Anwar Hossain was amazing, especially because of the clear picture. It would break our heart if we had to see Hossain's intoxicating photographs in blurry print. I thank Mustafa Zaman for such a well-written cover story. I also enjoyed Slice of Life, for the first time. It was also shocking not to find Chintito's column. We grew a habit of reading Chintito once a week for our beloved Motherland as well as the other lands. He gives us food for thought. His stoicism and humorous writing is enjoyable to all. All in all your January 16th was great and I commend the entire SWM team for a job well done.

Changes in SWM
I am a regular reader of the magazine and I have noticed that you have introduced some new items such as Newsnotes and Voicebox. I think the quotes in Voicebox are really very interesting and give a glimpse of how bizarre Bangladeshi politics really is. I also enjoy the weekly cartoon drawn by MZ, whoever s/he is. I think the cartoonist has a great sense of humour and my personal favourite (recently) was the one on Nazmul Huda.

Commuters in Trouble
Like many people I prefer my routine based route to school from my home through bus. Recently however, it was quite disappointing to see that the metropolitan city bus authority has increased their bus fare irrationally. For example, a ride to Sankar from Mohammadpur is Tk. 5 when previously it was Tks. 4. Same go for a ride to the Science Lab. I would like to say that it is unfair for a person who would like to go to Sankar from Mohammadpur because he is paying almost double the fare compared to a person who is going to the Science Lab. The bus was a convenient mode of transport for middle class people. If the bus fares change like this due to the continuously changing decisions of our city transport authorities it will become difficult for people like us to commute.
Naome Syed

A Smart Edition
SWM's edition of January 23 was a fantastic one. Most of the articles in this issue were enjoyable. However, I would like to say that the cover story (An Artist of Exotic Cuisine) by Aasha Mehreen Amin was exceptional! Articles by Chintito, Nijhum Dwip and the jokes page were also very good. I also really enjoyed the "Charm of Uma.". The photo feature of the Fashion Show was impressive. Thanks to SWM for making a handsome edition. As a regular reader I expect that my favourite magazine will continue its good work in future.
Sagor, On email
Notre Dame College

Changing City
As Dhaka is changing rapidly to a 'City of Shops and Eateries', your cover story of this week “An Entrepreneur of Taste” is an excellent and timely treat to give its readers a tasteful insight into a world of a new breed of entrepreneurs contributing to this change. Iftekhar Ahmed Khan deserves high appreciation and applause for his top-notch ingenuity and creativity. But I also feel perplexed when I think about the contrast! In a country where millions are starving daily and most of its citizens are struggling hard for the basics of survival, who and how many can effort to go to eateries like Saltz and Spitfire.
Meshkat Ahmed Chowdhury,
on Email

Brick Lane is Boring
I fully agree with the evaluation by Tazin Abdullah of Monica Ali's brick Lane in SWM's January 30 issue. Brick Lane contains neither an original story nor an absorbing, masterly prose. Monica's narrative is mostly boring and unnecessarily elaborate. After I read the book from one of my colleagues I could not convince myself to buy one for my collection. I continued reading thinking that there might be something interesting ahead and finished the book with utter dissatisfaction. So I cannot agree more with Tazin that the drum-beaters for the book are mainly western readers and the Western press.
Meshkat A. Chowdhury
Mirpur13, Dhaka

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