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February 13, 2004

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Look Before You Throw

I was already late for work one day so I was hurrying down the stairs at my house. No sooner had I reached the ground floor when suddenly, from nowhere, a banana peel hit me! I was totally surprised. When my eyes met the offender's I couldn't help but smile. He was a cute little boy and he was still holding on to the freshly peeled banana. The child’s mother was standing just beside him and she had been watching the whole episode. She was embarrassed and was scolding the child. "You shouldn't be that careless. You are in school now". I was glad to hear the mother teach her son to behave properly. I carefully picked up the peel and put it where it belonged -- in the dustbin.

Mohammed Sohel Hara Olympia Palace Restaurant , Topkhana road

A New Twist in Mugging

I was returning home, as usual, from my coaching and got on a rickshaw from one end of Biswa Road. After some time when we had reached a secluded part of the road, something fell from the rickshaw. The rickshaw puller got down from the rickshaw and picked up the item and was busy looking at it. Curious, I asked the rickshaw puller what it was. Without saying anything, he gave me something covered with a piece of cloth. The moment I took it, I lost consciousness. It must have been some sort of chloroform. Even though I was awake and could see what was happening, I could not stop him from taking my money, my chain and rings. He made me get on another rickshaw. After quite a while, I became fully alert again but it was too late. I would like others who read this to please be cautious about such incidents.

Lovely Mony Sheren Cantonment

Law Enforcer becomes Law Breaker

One Wednesday, I was on my way back from New Market when I was stuck in a 'mini-jam' in front of the Sankar bus stand. I was looking annoyed because there was a lot of pollution around from all the automobile fumes. I was startled to see a policeman riding his motorbike on the side walk. What was even more astonishing was the fact that he was going in the wrong direction, against the flow of traffic. The puzzled pedestrians reluctantly moved aside to give the sergeant room to pass by. If this is how law enforcers behave, I wonder what the lawbreakers will do.

Naome Syed, Mohammadpur



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