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BNP opposes army role in 'farcical' polls

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The BNP yesterday lambasted the government and the Election Commission for the move to deploy the army as strike force to ensure peaceful holding of the January 5 "farcical election", and alleged that it is a plot to leave the army pitted against the people.
“We are surprised to see the news of deploying the patriotic army for the unilateral and farcical election,” said BNP spokesperson Nazrul Islam Khan.
Addressing a press conference at the BNP chairperson's Gulshan office, he said the "incompetent" EC itself has taken a stand against the people as a tool of the government for fulfilling its desire.
“They (EC) are now making an evil design to put the army, who stands by the people during their bad times, face to face with them.”
Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad said on Friday that members of the army would remain deployed for 15 days from December 26 to January 9 for maintaining the law and order before, during and after the January-5 election.
 Nazrul, also a BNP standing committee member, said, “We condemn the Election Commission's evil move. We think the deployment of army is unnecessary in the farcical election in which people have no participation and interest.”
He went on, “We think the army should not get involved in such an election.”
When his attention was drawn to the wealth statements of ministers and ruling party leaders published in the media, the BNP leader said people will also know in time what they did not mention in their wealth statements.
“But what has already been published in the media is appalling. It is evident from their wealth statements that the ministers and leaders of the government were given a magical lamp of Aladin by which they amassed the assets,” he observed.
He also blasted the Anti-Corruption Commission for its remark that the ACC will investigate only if complaints are filed with it against the ruling party leaders about their amassed wealth.
Pointing to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's recent proposal for dissolution of 10th parliament (scheduled to be elected on January 5) for 11th parliamentary polls, Nazrul said it is an evil plan of the premier to foil the opposition's ongoing movement.
“The prime minister's pre-conditions are nothing but an evil plan to confuse the people who are in a movement against a parliament and government elected without mandate of the voters,” Nazrul said.
 The PM on Thursday hinted that she might seek dissolution of parliament for a fresh election if there is a compromise with the opposition.
“But she (Khaleda Zia) has to stop killing and blockade, she has to leave the company of Jamaat for any dialogue. If there's any compromise, we'll dissolve parliament, if necessary, for holding the election again,” Hasina said.
Nazrul said, “We want to clearly state that there's no scope for holding talks about 11th parliament or any other election.”
He also alleged that by making such remarks, the premier herself shut all the doors for reaching a compromise .


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