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Children fight, cry and haggle over the opportunity to be told a good story. What they hear, they imagine and what they imagine shapes them, moves and often bewilders. That's how we end up with street art on this page, about pictures telling way too many words. We have songs that go viral and create stories along the way in page 3. And then there's the classic game of Snake that tells many a story of time wasted chasing dots. -- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, Editor RS

Anyone else buying this?

Sometimes, we let slip an obvious mental case through our net. This is not one of them. This is much worse.

They will tell you that if a butterfly sits on a wheel and the tiny imbalance sets the wheel rolling and then if the wheel somehow manages to hit a cart and if the cart topples over and if the apples and oranges in the cart all fall over and one apple rolls over to the feet of a passerby and he tries to eat it but finds it rotten and so he suddenly wants to kill himself, then it's called the butterfly effect. Mind you these are the people who think that the sun is a star and the world doesn't really have a line called the equator drawn across its mid-section. They will try to sell you ideas, or laws as they call them, about dead cats in boxes which are actually not dead, but neither alive and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Whoever heard of a wall growing a pair of hands to hit you back when you punch it, eh?

They will confuse you by the use of words like centrifugal, centripetal and hypotenuses and parabolas. Do not be fooled. The hypotenuse is a legend much like the popular belief that if you stare at the sun for too long it might damage your eyes.

They will even tell you that airplanes can fly because the air is pushing up on it and there are no gnomes waiting for you at the end of rainbows. Please, how dumb do they think we are? The truest of laws are the simplest, like Murphy's Law - and it doesn't use clever language to fool you. So whenever you get words like angular momentum and entropy in sentences, completely ignore them. It's like trying to read a contract agreement before you click 'I agree.'

Do not be fooled these people are real and they are out there to make you believe this propaganda of theirs. And the fact that we don't know why they are doing this is more alarming. They might be the Bolsheviks, the Vietnamese Mafia, the American pirates or the Somalian cult of Gluttons. We just don't know. And they are on the rise. What started with the 'don't play with fire' is now full of De Morgan's laws and Black Swans and Laws of Thermodynamics. Take the Black Swan for example, they tell you a black swan is a situation when something happens that could never be expected, but once it has happened you know it should have been expected. Are you freaking kidding me? It's stupid and does not make sense this is almost as stupid as telling us light comes to use from light sources and not from our eyes!!! I mean do you see rays of light? With arrows at the front? Do you? If something is traveling through air you would see it, common sense that is. And here they are drawing lines with arrows bouncing of mirrors and telling us that's how light works.

Do not be fooled people. This is one man's attempt to expose the lies they are spreading. If this does not see the light of day, I have probably been found out and my dead body is now hanging from some tree in Honolulu. And no, it's not because of gravity, it's because things fall down, that's it. Pfft, gravity!

By Moyukh

The Street Art Fest

3D street painting, tape art, sand art, shadow performance, live music, graffiti art, motion graphics display, fire spinning, water bottle (the ones we heartlessly trash) installations you guys imagine it, these guys will make it happen. While I suggest garbage art as a must (reuse, recycle and become awed at the same time) and using the enormous amounts of spit that we regularly “shoot” on the streets for “spit” art, these guys really transformed the streets of Dhaka from the 12th till 14th of the month unlike ever before.

School of Everything Else (SEE) is interested in all that is there in the realms of art & science (yes, including whatever you are imagining; stay PG-13 please). SEE sees everyone as a resource of knowledge with unique ideas and perspectives, and welcome all to join. Salzar Rahman, one of the initiators of this brilliant group says, “There are huge canvases around us all the time and the streets of Dhaka are ours. Why not paint on them? I was amazing how many people showed just to paint on the streets and let out their creativity.”

True indeed. On the first two days, these guys attacked the streets in front of University of Asia Pacific (UAP)'s Architecture department in Dhanmondi with new forms of art. It seemed like art, in its diverse sense of form, finally erupted from somewhere outside of Charukola. The 3D street painting was amazing looking from above the painting appears as a hole in the ground (2012 strikes early?), stencil art, wall paintings all decorated the street and if you missed the event (like me), you missed quite a bit. On the third day the venue shifted to the abandoned "D Boulevard" restaurant located at the west end of Dhanmondi 27. With the whole place to the creationists, it was art galore with graffiti, random live music by Nemesis and Old School and fire and light (spinning) art! Most of the creations are still there if you are the curious mind or live in Dhanmondi, be sure to take a look.

Active groups that participated in the event along with SEE include GRAFA, Ogniroth Studios, Studio Bangi, Bangladeshi Deviant & Architists. See hopes to make this an annual event which is definitely great news. More than that though, SEE seems to have a lot more up its sleeve (do you see what SEE sees? I had to crack that.). Waiting eagerly for the next surprise!

By Adnan M. S. Fakir

Some snippets from our emails, Facebook wars and discussions held between numerous scuffles over the last piece of puri/chop/Mountain Dew. If you have something to rant about, mail us at [email protected] or go shout it out on Facebook at


Johny Rahman via email
The cartoons on the online RS page are a joke in more ways than one. The text is so tiny, even a microscope can't help. Why can't the image expand when clicked? Why is Babu the only thing that is posted larger than needed? Here in Australia, we don't get the print version but I'm assuming the text there is legible. Any solution or do we continue squinting.

Junayed, EWU via email
Babu . Yay. That's all I have to say. Thank you

Aditi Hasan via email
Surjo uthshob was hilarious. Makes me want to go more so if Adnan Fakir is tagging along.

Raida Islam
All I wanna say is this time the article 'Bippity Boppity Boo' was a great disappointment since I was waiting for something fantabulous :(

Sarah Nazreen Mithila
You'd always expect it to be a Cinderella theme, and it was. But in its defence, the piece was pretty cool. Always thought it'd have a happy ending but it didn't. The writer did a good job :)

AN RS UPDATE: Those that sent in CVs waiting for a call, we're still sorting out the mails. We got more than we anticipated, way more. So if you're going to have a go at chewing your nails in anticipation, we suggest peanut butter coated lightly.



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