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Fun football moments of 2011 on and off the pitch

Europa League Trophy: a cup for (second string) champions

We at RS have recently discovered that most of our sports section covers articles on football, but we do not care much since football is football. It's awesome. Football is played by a lot of people and adored by lots more. When you have that many playing and almost more than half of the world watching, things are bound to go wrong somewhere. After all, to err is human; and to criticise and laugh at someone's mistakes is even more human. So here are last year's fun football moments.

“I miss you as much as Torres misses the goal”

Such was one of the many Facebook statuses yours truly had seen after Chelsea's game against Man United. When Torres was passed a brilliant through ball, he skidded past De Gea with a few step-overs and showed us that, for him, it's easier getting past the goalie than following up with scoring in the open goal.

Arsenal 8-2 much at Old Trafford

Old joke, but still pretty damn hilarious. As mentioned before, Arsenal losing by six whole goals to Manchester United was a pretty fun moment. We don't generally like watching footballers suffer, but when eleven of them play as one team that is so horribly flawed, we can't resist.

Manchester not far behind on the buffet

Okay, we'll stop with the joke, promise. However, Man United did suffer a 6-1 loss to rivals Man City just a few months after the Arsenal victory. Oh, and they lost to Man City at home. What's more is that universally hated (or maybe just by this writer) footballer Mario Ballotelli had scored… twice; and showed off a t-shirt with the message 'why always me?'. Seriously, why do people give him the chance? Ferguson must've seriously pissed off the football Gods.

“We won! We won! We…oh crap, I dropped it”

That is probably what was going through Sergio Ramos's head when he decided that he couldn't hold on to the only trophy their team of paychecks managed to win last year. The bus they were celebrating on seemed to have good suspension as it went right over the coveted Copa Del Rey trophy and obviously damaged it pretty badly. That, boys and girls, is the 'real' way to party.

Brothers in arms

Man United was knocked out of the UEFA Champions League after another one of their brilliant-yet-extraordinarily-terrible play with Basel and is now competing in the Europa League. Like fleas on dogs, Man City joined them as they were also knocked out. To be fair, winning the Europa league is very important and honourable… even though it's considered a consolation prize.



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