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Scholastica junior section annual program

Imagine Playgroup and Nursery kids wearing colorful sparkly bright dresses (including sarees and panjabis) with equally colorful props of flowers and birds, dancing in sync on stage with music and songs! “Cute, naaaaa?” That's the reaction that most moms and big sisters had after the Annual School Program of Junior Section Scholastica held on Saturday the 3rd. The show began with great enthusiasm and ended with pouring appraisal much deserved by the kiddos who performed.

Usually the annual shows are performed at the Uttara Senior Section STM Hall, however this time they decided to do it in their own campus. Hence, the whole school was aptly decorated and bright red pandels hung up all over the field and red carpets acting bolding at the ingress of the school. The field, however, is not so big and does not have the capacity to accommodate so many people at the same… so what to do? Do the program in two shifts! What else? The one hour program was held on two shifts, one at 9:30 and the other at 11:30, and so the performers had to perform twice (poor kids!). The stage was a marvelous one and was decorated with big vibrant flowers and multicolor backgrounds that were claimed to be colored by the students themselves with obviously a little help from the art teachers!

The show started with Sura Recitation, which was also done by our small performers. The performers ranged from Playgroup to KG-II students of the Junior Section Campus. The program consisted of both Bengal and English recitations, songs along with dances to show that the students were receiving a well-rounded cultural education, and that our own culture isn't being lost amidst Western pop and Hindi remixes. The costumes, I repeat were fabulous with small birds-caps as they sang along to Bak Bak Paira… The sound system and effects were as usual fantastic. The songs and dances that were performed were from the students' curriculum and had been taught to them since the beginning of the year. The show progressed from small to big that is from the energetic, innocent Playgroup kids to a little more energetic and still innocent KG-II kids. Both shows ended with concluding speeches by the chief guest the chief guest of the first shift was Mrs. Shabnam Sobhan and of the second shift was Mrs. Wasima Parveen.

Overall the whole day was a jolly one passed, with nervous and excited bustling kids doing their job and their parents overflowing with pride… Scholastica always had a name for performances and it is now extending to the junior level. Who knows when these kids will start performing plays such as Hirok Rajar Deshe or Achalayatan?

By Adnan M. S. Fakir

The hive, alive and buzzing

It was definitely an evening of pride for the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). A simple ceremony, a little poetry and music, and a few words straight from the heart…and the IUB Literary Society (ILS) launched the first issue of their magazine, The Hive.

The programme kicked off on Wednesday, November 30, at 4 pm. Organized by Mr. Saiful Islam, faculty advisor for the ILS, and conducted by Kashfee Habib, a student of the Department of Media and Communication, it began with an opening speech by the ILS President, Azim Ahmed. He took the audience on a stroll down memory lane, recollecting the birth and development of the ILS.

The speech was followed by a small poetry recital, where students Tropa and Asif had a lyrical conversation in Bengali. The Hive's editor, Sabrina F Ahmad, followed with a small poem of hers, and was in turn followed by fellow ILS member Farshid Alam who entertained the crowd with a heartfelt rendition of the popular USA for Africa song “We are the World.”

Chief guest Professor Fakrul Alam spoke after the little cultural presentation, commending the ILS on the quality of their work. IUB's Vice Chancellor, Professor Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury gave the concluding speech, where he remembered the Late Ms. Shahnaz Ahmed, and Professor Joyce De Silva, two faculty members who played a tremendous role in the ILS' achievements. Finally, The Hive made its debut as the Chief guest, the Vice Chancellor, the ILS faculty advisor, the ILS president, and the Hive editor presented it to the public.

The evening ended in food and fun and laughter, and will surely be remembered by all those who attended it.

ILS Desk

Do It yourself
Create your funky bead earrings !

Dangly earrings are the must-have's this season, so make your gal pal happy with these funky bead earrings…or just give yourself a trendy treat!

What you need:
Assorted beads of your choice
Silver chain
Earring hook
A pair of scissors
Where you can find them:
All items can be found at local bead stores; you can also get great beads at Jatra and Aarong.

Choose the colours of your beads. For the most striking effect, go for contrasting colours!
Cut the chain with a pair of scissors according to how long you want your earrings to be
Put the chain through the earring-hook and start to bead! Alternate the colours for a fun look!
Once done, tie a knot at the bottom of the chain or attach a clasp to prevent the beads from falling out!
Cut off any excess chain and you're done!


Viola! Now you have your very own handmade earrings! Whether it's a gift for your best fe-friend, or something to show off with, these earrings are very cool indeed.

By The Girl Next Door

To someone I love
Never thought it will happen, what's now happening.
But I guess I was just being foolish.
Like all the time,
My inside was sleeping.
Never cared about anything.
But now I understand I cared about nothing
But you.
Confusion was biting me like a snake.
Out of control,
I just can't express my state.
Every time thinking about it makes my stomach roll,
Right Inside.
Every time when I think about it,
My inside slowly gets emptied.
I struggle to catch breath.
Foolishly try to rule out emptiness.
Sensation refreshes my feeling.
But it fails to fix a spot in my heart.
I have nothing to do, so I cry.
When they ask me about my problem, I lie
telling them my eye just caught some dirt.
A sea of ink and papers of the whole earth
Will not be enough to express my love.
I don't know how to tell
There is just no bell
ringing in my head right now.
I discovered you slowly.
I studied complexity and simplicity steadily
I know now, how little I know about you
But that's more than enough for me
for sure.
Kept yourself inside the shell of intelligence
Maybe I don't have enough of your essence.
But I believe I have love full of innocence
And remain assured
That I will never run out of it.
You can create a new universe with the particles of my love,
After even doing that my love will not run out.
I give you all the time
To make a decision,
Take your time,
Your answer is my life.
So please don't rush in making decisions.
Think about it , my love, my life….
I'll wait
Even till the last of my breath
If you like.
You know me perfectly,
And you are the perfect for me.
I've nothing more to say ,
My love, life, now fully lay
In you hands.
Where I believe it's safe.
Just don't let my thoughts down.
At last, I'll just say some simple words,
"I love you with love of the whole wide universe."
By Rush

Nobody cares...
Even if I die
No one will care
No one will even notice
I am not even there
No one really wants to know me
No one really cares
All I am is
A doll that can sit there and stare
Stare at what's going on
Stare at what's wrong
All I can do is just be here
And wait
So if I die
No one will care
No one will notice
I am not even there
So please don't try to know me
All I have is depression and despair
I am scared for anyone to be by me
I am scared to have anyone by my side
I am scared if you come close to me
I might give you despair
No one cares
No one will notice
No one will know
I am not here
By Solitary Angel

Will I be always alone?
And pain.
Isn't all the same?
Pity and revenge
When is it going to end?
Loneliness, heartache.
Must I be disturbed?
Desolate, forlorn.
Will I be always alone?
By Solitary Angel

Waiting by the seashore
Walking by the vast seashore
In a way I never did before
A glimmer of moonlight
Shone behind the canopy of clouds
As I hold your hand in mine tonight
Keeping me warm from the winter shrouds
And our eyes met like never before
I knew it was paradise, where love galore
Staring deeply knowing that you are all mine
It seemed longer than life, a moment so divine
I was the seashore and you my ocean
Going on a parallel path not knowing where it lead
Silence stretched with mixed emotions
As I find you sailing off far away
Leaving only memories of your land
Waiting, hoping you'll return someday
Your name encarved in my heart eternally
As I walk all alone through the sand.
By Farah Laika Islam


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