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RS Mailbox

Dear RS
Hi, I've been a fan of Rising Stars since, well, since I was old enough to know how to be a fan. When I was in school a lot of people I know collected Rising Stars and even put them in thick binders. The center page previously known as Superstar was a big hit. The center has changed now but it's still cool.

There seems to have been a great improvement content wise in the past 4-5 months. I love the movie reviews especially the verdicts and the Sites Unseen section gives my computer mouse a good workout. I don't particularly like computer games but Chupacabras material is still funny.

The thing I appreciate most about RS is that it is focusing more on humour than ever before as evident by the cartoons. Ronny does a great job with his artwork so could he please do something about the back page comics?

I wonder where Babu has gone to. Are they paying Sharier more to do cartoons for the main paper than for RS? Shame coz Babu was so cool.

Then there are the hilarious write-ups by Rezwan, Adnan Fakir, Tausif Salim, Reggie and Chupacabra. If the last name isn't that of a girl then there seems to be an acute shortage of females writing for RS. I thought there are more women in Bangladesh than men.

I miss couple of columns. The girl next door is missed as well as Pintu. The new column “week in re(ar)view” is so funny it almost makes me wet my pants. I wonder which writer does which part as it is written by two people (Gokhra and Mood Dude). Any chance I can know who the Resident Conspiracy Theorist is?

I know I have a lot of questions so that's about it. Keep up the great work and if possible bring in some comics especially Babu and Red Eye.

Ananya Kabir

Dear Ananya
Readers like you make our day. Good to know that our efforts are noticed. Good to get such critique too. Red Eye is missing form comics section because we are required to pay for the comics and we don't like to pay. As for Babu he set off on a long trip to a land far away across the street! Unfortunately half way across the street he fell down an open manhole. We have sent our mascot (the Peeing Dog) hot on his trail. Maybe you should threaten Babu's creator Sharier Khan with bomb threats. We've sent a crack team hot on Babu's tails.

As for female writers there are aplenty but it may be our men are so good looking that they cannot concentrate. So all you other women out there are encouraged to apply. In case you didn't notice though our veteran Sabrina F Ahmad is a girl but sometimes she can be mistaken to be something else as she is karate chopping everyone else.

As for the Resident Conspiracy Theorist, he likes to stay hidden in a place devoid of human contact surviving on chocolate shingara. We can't tell you that he is hiding right here in the Daily Star building inside the editors filing cabinet. Ooops!
RS Desk

Dear RS
Is there any way the print quality of Rising Star could be improved? Some days it looks decent other days it looks as if it was washed with detergent to remove colours before delivering to the readers. The pictures online always look so vibrant. Or is the fuzzy colour scheme of the print version intended to be like that?
Saif Mohammad

Yo Saif,
It's a lament that we lament all the time. Colours always get distorted when the press has their way with what we design. Unfortunately it's a problem we have to learn to adapt to.
According to our Resident Conspiracy Theorist: The colour scheme of the Rising Star is intentionally fuzzied as the production team consists of people who own Optical Enhancement Equipment Corporations (a.k.a optometrists). When the readers start losing their eyesight these opticians will takeover the country by controlling what the public can or cannot see.
RS Desk


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